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Challenge Ideas
Step challenge idea: We're going to the zoo!
Do you know the height of a giraffe? Or how long a hippo can stay under water? Explore the animal kingdom while you step to this Zoo-tastic streak challenge.
Mike McKinley
Jun 28, 2019
Tips & Tricks
June Admin Update
In this month's update: customize your content label, a curious challenge idea and tips for team mode.
Christina Devoney
Jun 18, 2019
Challenge Ideas
Step challenge idea: Catch some Z's
Skimping on sleep can cause a host of health issues including depression, obesity, and heart problems. This challenge helps balance time for sleep... and steps.
Andy Bustamante
Jun 17, 2019
Challenge Ideas
Step challenge idea: Going for the gold
Olympic athletes are natural leaders, team players and hard workers. Bring out your group's inner Olympic athlete with this streak challenge.
Susana Ponce
Jun 24, 2019
Challenge Ideas
Step challenge idea: Step, Don't Text
Spend less time on your phone and more time stepping. Use this step challenge to focus on the importance of reduced screen time for one's health & productivity.
Cary Landholt
Jun 17, 2019
Making fitness more fun…with friends!
The introduction of friends brings new levels of engagement for your users, giving them even more reasons to check in daily and stay motivated.
Brittany Skwierczynski
Jun 07, 2019
Challenge Ideas
Step challenge idea: Climbing Everest
Check Mt. Everest off the bucket list by stepping your way to the world's tallest summit. Will your group have the stamina for an 88,000 step target challenge?
Anthony Knierim
Jun 11, 2019
Challenge Ideas
Step challenge idea: College Face-off
You can take the student out of the university, but you can't take the university out of the student. Rep your alma mater with pride in this team challenge.
Brittany Restine
Jun 05, 2019
Challenge Ideas
Step challenge idea: I woke up like this
Help every participant wake up in the morning feeling like a step challenge champion. Illustrate the importance of morning routines with this challenge theme.
Lena Guerrero
Jun 05, 2019
Challenge Ideas
Step challenge idea: Music to my ears
Music plays a vital role in our daily lives. Focus on music in your next step challenge to inspire movement and boost your participants' attention & memory.
Mike McKinley
Jun 05, 2019
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