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Wellness 101
How to keep your company step challenges exciting
A successful wellness program maintains engagement year-round by varying the challenge type, activity metric, theme, content, and rewards strategy.
Christina Devoney
Sep 24, 2019
Challenge Ideas
Step challenge idea: Less Sugar, More Steps
The effects of sugar are anything but sweet. Help your employees reduce their sugar consumption for increased energy—and steps!
Brittany Restine
Sep 26, 2019
Tips & Tricks
How to create a themed step challenge
Learn why creating a theme for your step challenge will make the experience more enjoyable for you and your participants. Then, follow our step-by-step guide.
Maria Kreighbaum
Sep 19, 2019
Wellness 101
Step because it matters
Our partnership with FrontStream allows us to combine charitable giving and wellness in one, optimal user experience to drive meaningful employee engagement.
Anthony Knierim
Sep 16, 2019
Tips & Tricks
September Admin Update
In this month's update: User-created challenges, new & improved Streak mode and how to prevent cheating in a step challenge.
Susana Ponce
Sep 20, 2019
The products that power our design team
At a fast-moving startup, having the right tools is essential to stay organized, communicate effectively, and design quickly.
Brittany Skwierczynski
Sep 09, 2019
Tips & Tricks
It’s all in the name: creative step challenge names
A catchy name is the cherry on top of a well-planned step challenge sundae. Read our guide for generating a unique & creative name for your next step challenge.
Aubrey Brevard
Sep 06, 2019
How we built two native apps with one codebase
The secret? The highly flexible React Native framework that allows us to build native Android and iOS apps—with one set of code.
Hillary Snyder
Aug 30, 2019
Tips & Tricks
How to deal with cheating in a step challenge
Cheating can ruin the fun for everyone. Fortunately, we have the tips and tricks to keep competition fair and friendly.
Susana Ponce
Aug 27, 2019
Empower your participants and save time with user-created challenges!
Our new user-created challenge feature allows you to grow a grassroots wellness program. Save time, boost engagement, and unleash your users’ creativity!
Maria Kreighbaum
Aug 19, 2019
Make fitness fun atyour organization.