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A variety of challenge types, unlimited fun

Focus on individual improvement or foster friendly competition. Our challenge modes are designed for a variety of goals and fitness levels.

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Participate as a team, group, or individual

Boost collaboration with a team or group challenge. Or, have users participate as individuals.

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Compete on steps, distance, or minutes

Run a classic competition based on steps, distance, or active minutes. Great for easy syncing with participants’ wearable device or smartphone.

custom activities modules that include drinking 8 glasses of water and meditating for 5 min each day

Or, get creative with a custom activity

Run a challenge based on any activity you want. Try a water, sleep, or meditation challenge. Participants log the activity right inside the app.

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Option for personalized goals

Participants track the number of consecutive days they meet an activity goal. A great way to build healthy habits.

Each individual should try to reach 30 active minutes a day for two weeks.
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Option for personalized goals

Set a large, total activity goal for each participant to reach before challenge end. Participants track their daily pace to make sure they reach the goal in time.

Everyone in the group has a target goal of reaching 35 miles in 10 days.
target module


Achieve ultimate glory by making it to the top of the leaderboard. Participants are ranked from high to low based on total activity. A fitness competition classic!

Everyone in the office is competing to see who can get the most steps this month.
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Virtual Race

Compete in a virtual, long distance race. Participants track progress in real time through a racetrack. Experience fun surprises and milestones along the way!

Complete a 100 mile virtual race across the city of Rome.
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Stick to It

Option for personalized goals

Help participants ease into a healthy habit. Set a daily activity goal, then determine the total number of times you want everyone to meet that goal over the course of a challenge. It’s okay to miss a few days!

Reach 30 daily active minutes 20 times over the next 2 months.
stick to it module

Accommodate all activity levels with personalized goal challenges

Not everyone is at the same fitness level. Allow your users to set personalized goals, appropriate for their individual activity levels. Run a compatible challenge (Streak, Target, or Stick to It) and set a range for participant goals to fall within.

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Team Leaderboard

Each participant joins a team that works together to claim the top spot. The team with the highest activity average wins. Option for users to create their own teams.

Each department competes as a team to see who will get the most steps this month.
team leaderboard module with user rankings shown

Team Virtual Race

Participants join a team and work together to reach the finish line, moving through a fun map and unlocking milestones along the way. Option for users to create their own teams.

Each office location across the globe competes as a team to see who can reach the finish line first!
team leaderboard module with user rankings shown

Group Target

Group Target combines everyone’s activity into one large, cumulative score. Set a big goal for the group to reach over time.

As a group, collectively reach 1 million steps over 15 days.
group target module shown on device

Group Virtual Race

Set a race distance and have everyone move as a group to cross the finish line. Unlock milestones as the group progresses through the racetrack.

Everyone works together to complete a 5,000 mile journey across the world.
group virtual race map and stats

Group Target Fundraiser

Group Target Fundraiser combines all participants’ activity into one score. As the group reaches each 25% increment of the total goal, a donation is made to the cause of your choice. Set the donation amount, donor, and recipients.

Unlock up to $10,000 in donations to the American Cancer Society as the group works to achieve a total of 2,000,000 minutes.
fundraiser module and progress shown
a list of potential custom activities like meditating daily and drinking plenty of water

Go beyond steps, distance and minutes. Run a challenge based on anything. Water challenge, anyone?

Customize your challenge activity. Pick from our list of healthy habit ideas or create your own custom action. Try a water challenge, sleep challenge, meditation challenge and more!

Learn more about custom activity challenges

Note: Custom activity challenges are only compatible with our Streak and Stick to it! challenge modes.

Make fitness fun at your organization Review

Fun, friendly competitions

A major benefit to using MoveSpring would have to be the diversity within the challenges. Our [users] loved Journey, Streak, and the Leaderboard! There is a significant amount of customization that is available, making it a great choice for those who want more than a basic step challenge. I love that MoveSpring promotes fun and friendly competitions, so that all users are able to feel comfortable enough to participate.

—Ciera G., Admin at a mid-size company