Challenge. Step. Succeed.

Spark friendly competition and motivate your people to get moving with gamified activity challenges.

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Fun and motivating activity challenges

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Achievement and glory

Seeing your name at the top of a leaderboard is motivation enough for some users. We have two different Leaderboard modes to accommodate these achievement-focused users. Game mechanics are very straightforward in these modes: ranking and a clear winner.

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Variable rewards

Not everyone is motivated by being #1 or beating others. Some individuals are motivated by the delight and surprise of unlocking variable rewards. In our Virtual Race mode, users unlock new milestones as they reach specific points throughout the trail. The more they move, the more milestones they unlock.

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Improvement and progress

For those who are motivated by continued improvement, Stick to it!, Streak and Target incorporate consistent rewards and nudging to maintain motivation. For example, in our Stick to It! mode, users receive a sticker for every day they meet their goal. Watching stickers build up encourages users to keep going and prevent a break in their progress.

A challenge for every team

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To encourage variety, we allow challenges to be based on more than just steps. Create a virtual race challenge with a long mileage goal or run a streak challenge with a custom goal, such as drink 8 glasses of water each day.

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Challenge your way

Create custom challenges to fit your unique company culture or select from our library of Challenge Templates to build annual wellbeing programs with ease.

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Social Motivation

Working towards a fitness goal can be daunting alone. That’s why we incorporate social motivation into our challenges.

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View other's activity

For every challenge, users are able to see their own scores as well as the progress of other participants. Users can view the challenge leaders, people similar to them and the average stats for the overall group. This helps users benchmark themselves and put their own activity into context.

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Create a sense of community

Build a supportive health community using the challenge group chat. Participants can use chat to send photos of how they are getting steps in, cheer each other on and share healthy living tips.

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Allow users to create their
own, smaller challenges

Save time and boost engagement in between company-wide challenges. Allow users to create their own challenges.

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Make fitness fun at your organization

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Love, love, love this app!!

I cannot say enough great things about this app!! I’m currently engaged in a team challenge amongst a small group of colleagues and what an amazing motivator this has been! I’m literally walking on a treadmill, getting in my steps as I type this review.

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