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Use our calorie to step calculator to see how many steps it takes to earn your favorite meal.

All conversions are based on a 2,000 steps/mile average.

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Burn it to earn it

We crunched the numbers on a bunch of different food items for you.

Check out these step calculation articles and see how much work it takes to burn off your favorite foods and drinks.


A glass of wine and a pint of beer

Fast Food Desserts

A chocolate chip cookie


A can of soda

Breakfast Foods

A cracked egg

Fried Foods

A sleeve of french fries

Sports Drinks

A blue sports drink


A bag of potato chips

Ice Cream

A pink ice cream cone with sprinkles


A Starbucks to go cup

Fast Food

A cheeseburger

Panera Bread

A small loaf of bread

Sweet Drinks

A pink canned drink next to a green bottled drink

Burn it, track it, earn it.