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No matter where you are, there’s likely a Starbucks nearby. What are the most popular drinks at the most popular coffee shop in the world? Turns out, fan favorites vary by city. Find out how many steps it takes to burn off your city’s most ordered drink. Ready. Set. Go.

All conversions are based on a 2,000 steps/mile average for a person weighing 150lbs.

Seattle: Coffee with an Extra Shot of Espresso

Let’s start with where it all began: Seattle. Customers here are all about what made Starbucks so famous. The most popular Starbucks item is a hot coffee with an extra shot of espresso. A grande contains just 15 calories. 351 steps is all it takes to burn this one off.

How to burn it off
  • 3 minutes of walking

351 Steps

Portland: Eggnog Latte

Starbucks lovers in Portland seem to get extra excited when the holidays come around: their drink of choice is an eggnog latte. A grande with nonfat milk has 450 calories. Work hard for the nog by taking 10,527 steps to burn this off.

How to burn it off
  • 30 minute run at 7.5mph
  • 60 minutes of boxing with a heavy bag

10,527 Steps

San Diego: Green Tea Frappuccino

This Golden State city is popular for its beaches, parks, warm weather, and, apparently, green tea frapps. This Frappuccino comes in as San Diego’s most ordered Starbucks drink. A grande made with whole milk and whipped cream contains 430 calories. 10,059 steps will burn this off.

How to burn it off
  • 45 minute spin class
  • 60 minutes of rollerblading

10,059 Steps

Phoenix: Iced Caramel Macchiato

This ombre cup of deliciousness is Phoenix’s favorite way to get a caffeine fix in the Arizona heat. A grande with 2% milk contains 250 calories. This sweet treat will cost you 5,848 steps.

How to burn it off
  • 30 minutes of Zumba
  • 20 minutes of jumping rope

5,848 Steps

Los Angeles & San Antonio: Frappuccino

What do Los Angeles and San Antonio have in common? Their Starbucks order. These two cities love a Starbucks Frappuccino so much that it became the top ordered drink. A grande Coffee Frappuccino made with whole milk contains 240 calories. That will cost you 5,615 steps.

How to burn it off
  • 25 minutes of swimming
  • 20 minute run at 6mph

5,615 Steps

Memphis: White Chocolate Mocha

Memphis is famous for barbecue, blues, and ordering white chocolate mochas from Starbucks. A grande with 2% milk contains 360 calories. Take 8,422 steps to burn this drink off.

How to burn it off
  • 3x walking a dog for 30 minutes (or…just walking)
  • 90 minutes vinyasa-style yoga

8,422 Steps

Chicago & Philadelphia: Blonde Roast

Chicago and Philadelphia natives are always seeking the latest and greatest. Starbucks introduced their Blonde Roast four and a half years ago and it quickly won over the coffee drinkers in Chicago and Philadelphia. Bonus: a grande cup is only 5 calories! It’s only 117 steps to earn this drink.

How to burn it off
  • 1 minute of walking
  • 30 seconds of mountain climbers

117 Steps

Boston & Tampa: Iced Coffee

One is up north and one is down south, but both cities share their love for iced coffee from Starbucks. A grande sweetened iced coffee contains 80 calories, which equals 1,872 steps.

How to burn it off
  • 5 minutes of kettlebell swings
  • 10 minutes of stairs

1,872 Steps


How does your favorite drink compare to your city’s top choice? Find out how many steps your favorite equals with our calorie to steps calculator.

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