MoveSpring - Virtual Events & Charity Races

Inspire health from anywhere by hosting a virtual race or walk

Create a virtual corporate race or charity walk to get people moving together, no matter where they are. With our simple setup, you can be race-ready in less than one week.

Move together along a fun, virtual racetrack

Create or choose a map theme for your virtual racetrack. Participants unlock fun surprises and milestones as they move in real-time through your virtual map.

Determine the distance and dates, whether that is a one-day event or a week-long adventure
Customize milestones for your participants to unlock at specific distances throughout the journey
Compete as individuals or work together as a group

Connect a variety of wearable devices

MoveSpring connects to the leading fitness trackers. No device? Track steps using your smartphone. Inclusive and easy for all participants.

Connect Polar, Xiaomi, and more through iPhone and Android with Apple Health and Google Fit

Connect Polar, Xiaomi, and more through iPhone and Android with Apple Health and Google Fit

Promote charitable giving with mobile donations

Work with MoveSpring to set up a charitable giving option in the app. Configure to match your strategy and charitable giving budget. Simple and secure donations powered by FrontStream.

A variety of sponsorship opportunities

Incorporate sponsors, just like you would with a traditional charity walk.

Share meaningful content

Upload videos, articles, and posts to educate users about a cause, share inspirational stories, or inform participants on how to properly train for races. Post announcements and promote offline events with the option to brand the content.

Ready to step it up?

Get your virtual race set up in less than seven days.

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