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2 smart phones and a smart watch

Connect a fitness tracker and start stepping as a group.

MoveSpring is a fun, easy-to-use
step and activity challenge platform.

Join the 2,000+ companies making fitness fun at their organization.

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A variety of challenge types for a range of fitness levels

We are focused on making health and fitness fun for everyone. That's why we made a variety of challenge modes to accommodate a wide range of users, from ultra competitive leaderboards to collaborative team challenges.

Let your group members choose their device

We know one device isn't made for everyone. We integrate with the leading providers, covering 90% of the consumer wearable device market.


Connect Polar, Xiamoni, and more through iPhone and Android with Apple Health and Google Fit

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Hit your stride and get fit as a team.

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Improve culture by engaging in both in-office and remote employees.

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Save time, energy, and money on program administration.

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Activity and engagement insight reporting with data exporting.

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Support participants' personal wearables or get bulk pricing.

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Customizable programs based on team size and goals.

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A simple, easy-to-use admin center

User Management

Easily filter, tag and manage users. Quickly identify people who haven't synced, connected a device, or are reporting a low level of activity or engagement.

Easy Challenge Creation

Create a challenge group in less than 60 seconds. Select from nearly 10 challenge modes and a variety of engagement tools.


Download reports to see group performance & engagement, view data on individuals & teams, and track progress over time.

Manage Content

Upload and strategically schedule your own content. Choose from 3 different content formats: video, article/webpage, and post.

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Run step challenges like a pro with the MoveSpring Playbook

Not sure where to start? Get visual, step-by-step guidance on how to run challenges, set-up a rewards strategy, and boost participation.

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  • “The app was amazing, it was simple for everyone to join and log their steps. I think my favorite part about it is that it uses so many different fitness trackers. Not a lot of these types of apps do that. It doesn’t corner people into just using Fitbit or Garmin, you are able to do a challenge even if you don’t have a fitness tracker!”

    — Google Admin

Engagement made easy


Upload videos, content and more to educate users, provide announcements and even promote other benefits.

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Creating a sense of community and social motivation is key to achieving success and engagement.

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Everything is more fun with friends. Keep up with the daily activity of all your favorite people.

We love friendly competition

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