From the creators of Stridekick, MoveSpring is a fun, easy-to-use health platform for companies and organizations. Connect any activity tracking device and get moving as a group!

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A health & wellbeing platform for organizations and companies

MoveSpring is a thought leader in health activation and engagement. We partner with organizations across the globe to create innovative solutions that meet specific group health and wellbeing goals.

We know that each organization has different program needs, which is why we’ve built a flexible system that features activity challenges, data integrations, custom content, rewards, and a robust administrative center to seamlessly manage your program.

We're a mobile app

Actually, we’re multiplatform, but 80% of users access MoveSpring through our native iOS and Android app. Users can also enjoy our full experience via the web app, on any browser.

Our features support a variety of group sizes and goals

Perfect your onboarding

Our verstaile onboarding system allows you to collect eligibility information, supplemental member info, such as a location or department, as well activity styles. Users can onboard via mobile or web.

A variety of challenge modes

We offer ten challenge modes that can accommodate a variety of group needs and goals. Our modes support indvidual accomplishment, competition or group collaboration. Compete in more than just steps — create a challenge for steps, distance or minutes.

Personal trends and insights

Members can keep track of their personal progress outside of challenges through our insights and trends feature. See 7 and 30 day activity averages, movement by season and top 5 most active days.

Upload your own content

Keep your group engaged with content of your choosing. Upload multiple formats: articles, videos, or short posts. Publish immediately or schedule for strategic timing — all managed in our simple admin center.

Group and individual chat

Our chat feature allows for group chats and direct messages. As an admin, you have access to all group chats to send quick announcements, facilitate programming and even provide coaching.

Reward and incentivize

Celebrate success with customizable badges for achieving activity or participation milestones. Leverage our rewards module that tracks member activities and assigns points based on your specifications.

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A simple, easy-to-use admin center.

User & Group Management

Easily filter, tag and manage users. Quickly create new groups and challenges, then manage in one place.


Download reports to see group performance & engagement, view data on individuals & teams, track progress over time.


Message all users or filter and select specific cohorts of users to send communication from one place.

Let your group members choose their device

We know one device isn't made for everyone. We integrate with the leading providers, covering 90% of the consumer wearable device market.

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