Step outside the box.
Run a challenge based on any activity.

Run a challenge based on any activity— meditation, sleep, reading, you name it! Get creative and build a new, fun habit together.

phone displaying stick to it module with daily goal to call a friend
images of healthy food, writing in a journal, a person sleeping, and a person running

Go beyond physical activity. Run a holistic wellness program.

Health is so much more than physical activity. The foods you eat, the way you manage stress, how much sleep you get. These all have a big impact on your health. Track and reward the key behaviors that promote a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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Track a variety of custom health actions

Customize an action or activity you want users to complete. Users log the activity right in the MoveSpring app.

Create new, healthy habits together

Use custom challenges to bring your group together, no matter their fitness level.

habit module that logs an activity, taking a lunchtime walk, for today

How it works

list of daily activities including drink water, meditate daily, take the stairs, etc.

Choose an activity for your participants

Pick from one of our dozens of healthy habit ideas. Or, create your own activity. Just describe your goal in 50 characters or less.

phone displaying the custom activity modal where a user can swipe to complete the drink water activity

Participants log the action in the app

Users mark the action as complete in a single, rewarding swipe.

drink water stick to it module that shows progress and how many users met their goal for the day

Users follow progress and cheer on others!

Users can track their challenge scores, as well as other participants’ progress.

images of people performing daily activities including reading, eatting a healthy meal, and meditating

Let your creativity shine

modules for target, streak, and leaderboard with daily activity to take the stairs

Add some variety to your wellness program

Boost engagement by including both fitness and general health challenges.

Learn more

Your first step to healthy, happy employees. Review

Great tool for office engagement and wellness promotion!

Our firm utilized MoveSpring as we were searching for a fun and inclusive way to kick off the year. After completing our health challenge, many of us realized that dedicating time throughout the day to get some activity in was a great boost for overall wellness.

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Admin at a mid-sized law firm