Send targeted messages to all your employees

Use Announcements to prompt action, send timely info, or promote your broader wellness program directly in the MoveSpring app.

gif showing the opening of an announcement

Send messages users won’t miss

Never get lost in the clutter. Users will only ever see one announcement at a time, right at the top of their dashboard.

emphasizing announcement on mobile device
emphasizing announcement on mobile device

Fast, easy, customizable design

Build your announcement right in the Admin Center. Simply write a headline and description. Option to include an image or a button with a customizable call-to-action.

Send targeted communications

Quickly send an announcement to all your users, or select sub-groups based on the custom questions asked during your initial onboarding flow. Send announcements to specific individuals as well as past challenge participants.

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Publish now or schedule for later

Publish announcements immediately or schedule them for a later date and time.

Pro tip: Create an entire schedule of announcements that are timed for critical communication points throughout your challenge or broader wellness program.

Capitalize on employee engagement

On average, MoveSpring users open the app twice a day while participating in a challenge. Communicate key info to your employees where you know they are engaged and attentive: in the MoveSpring app.


The average number of times MoveSpring users open the app per day while participating in a challenge

A few ways to use Announcements to enhance your wellness program

Upcoming events

Invite and alert users to upcoming company events, such as a virtual happy hour or an impromptu company walk.

Flu shot

Remind employees to get their flu shot
(it’s never too late!).

Benefits enrollment

Encourage employees to enroll in benefits and include a button that navigates users directly to their enrollment page.


Promote sponsors for your corporate race
or charity run.

Highlight greatness

Post spontaneous praise, highlighting users who are working hard to improve their activity and are frequently engaging with the challenge.

Prize reminders

Keep participants incentivized with prize reminders and details on when prize winners will be announced.

Make fitness fun at your organization

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