Building engagement with chat

Our simple and fun chat feature builds a sense of community and increases user engagement alongside your activity challenge.

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Connect with a community

Participants can use chat to connect on a common goal, cheer each other on, and share their health journey. Chat is a great way to stay engaged, even if you’re not a top stepper.

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Post photos

Snap and share a photo of your morning walk or healthy snack!

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Add reactions

Say it with an emoji! Engaging with your accountability buddies has never been easier or more fun.

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Focus the conversation

Have an in-depth convo with message threads.

A variety of chat options

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Challenge chat

Every challenge will have a group chat with all challenge participants.

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Team chat

Engage with a smaller, more intimate crew in team chats. Team chats are available when using the team leaderboard challenge mode.

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One-to-one chat

Add other users as friends to send direct messages. A great opportunity for one-on-one health coaching!

Why is chat important?

Creating a sense of community and social motivation is key to achieving success and engagement in your activity challenges.


A supportive community can provide inspiration to participants who are struggling to stay motivated.


Fostering a community helps your particpants hold each other accountable to their health commitments.

Planning activities

Encourage the community to plan group activities, such as a virtual fitness class or in-person walk.

Staying positive

A community provides a space where users can express their feelings and be supported by others.


Leverage chat for one-to-one or group coaching.

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Chat fosters the critical social support community that is key to any health and wellbeing program.

Make fitness fun at your organization Review

Interactive & user-friendly

We have started our first challenge and I'm thrilled to see how many employees are already using the chat feature to support each other! MoveSpring is allowing me to be able to have interactive, user-friendly challenges that are encouraging physical activity and engagement.

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Admin for a 10,000+ employee enterprise