MoveSpring - Remote Work

Keep your remote workforce healthy, happy and connected.

Promote physical activity, boost culture, and educate your employees on key health actions with the MoveSpring platform.

Decrease sedentary time with virtual activity challenges

Working from home oftentimes means extra sedentary time and less movement. Keep your employees active with friendly competition.

Nine challenge modes that are accessible for all fitness levels
Compete as a group, team, or individual
Encourage simple, consistent movement

Educate and inform with customizable content

Share a variety of health and wellness content in just a few clicks with our curated content collections. Or upload your own articles, videos, and posts.

Staying healthy during COVID-19
Promote proper nutrition
Exercise 101
Stress management and meditation tips

Bring the company together, no matter where they are

Give your employees a reason to connect on something other than work. Activity challenges bring employees together across teams, departments and locations.

Stay motivated and inspired with chat
Keep up with coworkers and teammates
  • “We were able to increase fitness levels across the organization with a variety of devices. It is also helping boost our overall employee engagement and relationships across teams as friendly competition is brewing throughout the organization.”
    — Taylor E., admin for a mid-sized company
  • “We have six offices across 3 states and not only did we want to make sure our staff was being active (we are 9-5 desk job employees) but we wanted some camaraderie across state lines as we grew. People really seemed to like [MoveSpring challenges], a low-pressure activity that we can all share all year long. This is an easy way to build morale and was incredibly affordable for a firm our size.”
    — Jessica B., admin for a mid-sized company
  • “Having this as a casual thing outside of meetings has made people more comfortable with each other."
    — Ramey Kemp Admin
  • “We have started our first challenge and I'm thrilled to see how many employees are already using the chat feature to support each other! MoveSpring is allowing me to be able to have interactive, user-friendly challenges that are encouraging physical activity and engagement.”
    — Admin for a 10,000+ employee enterprise
  • “This challenge is a great thing for our company. When we have lunch-n-learns, it will be at one office location and most people can't physically be there. You're not present with everyone. With the [MoveSpring] challenge, it’s our entire company.”
    — Stewart Admin

Promote key health actions with timely announcements

Send customizable announcements to your employees. Include a call-to-action that links directly to another website or portal.

  • Update employees on company events
  • Provide tips on the latest public health protections
  • Send reminders to enroll or participate in health benefits

Be healthy together, no matter where you are

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