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Build a community of accountability buddies, right in the MoveSpring

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Boost engagement and motivation with MoveSpring friends

The friends feature allows your users to add other employees as friends in the app. Friends brings new levels of engagement for your users, giving them even more reasons to check in daily and stay motivated.

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A daily dose of friendly competition

Once users are friends, they can keep track of each other’s daily stats in an ongoing friends leaderboard. This passive competition is a great way to stay active in between company-wide fitness challenges.

Keep track of each other’s activity

Friends can see each other’s activity trends by week, month, and year. Track which badges your friends have earned and try to match their record for most activity in one day!

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Stay in touch, stay supported

The journey to health can be a lonely one. Ensure your employees have a way to stay connected to their accountability buddies. Once users are friends, they can send each other chat messages to:

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Encourage and motivate each other

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Discuss each other’s health & fitness goals

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Share pictures and healthy living tips

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Coordinate a workout or walk together

Privacy? No problem.

Although social engagement is a key part of the MoveSpring experience, we understand that some users may want to keep their activity details private. MoveSpring gives users control over their profile privacy level:


Anyone in your organization can see all of the details on your profile.

Friends only

Only people who you accept as friends can view all the details in your profile.


No one, not even friends, can see your profile details.

Want to keep things ultra private? Disable the friends feature on your account.

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