Celebrate achievements big and small with Badges

Recognize employees for more than challenge scores. MoveSpring achievement Badges reward employees for a variety of healthy behaviors.

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Reward engagement and activity

Badges are accessible to individuals of all fitness levels. Employees can earn badges for consistent or improved activity, engaging with the community, and participating in challenges.

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Challenge Badges

Recognize users for completing each challenge type and for their challenge performance.

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Activity Badges

Users receive personal recognition for improved or consistent activity, regardless of whether or not they are in a challenge.

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Community Badges

Celebrate users who simply engage with the app. Earn badges for liking content, syncing your device, adding friends, sending chat messages, and more.

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Seasonal Badges

Our rotating Seasonal badges reward users for reaching activity or engagement goals that are connected to a timely, seasonal theme.

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No work, all play!

Badges are automatically scored and awarded to users. A great way to boost engagement without any administrative planning or work.

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Make fitness fun at your organization

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Great Motivation

The app has motivated me to get moving especially during the quarantine days. The challenges push me to do my exercise every day so I can get those badges!

Karen, MoveSpring end user