Burn it to earn it


These drinks may go down smoothly, but that doesn’t mean they’re calorie-free. Here’s a list of common alcoholic beverages and how many steps it takes to burn them off. Even more reason to drink in moderation!

All conversions are based on a 2,000 steps/mile average for a person weighing 150lbs.

Bud Light

About 295 million cases of Bud Light are sold in America each year, easily making it the #1 choice for beer. There are 110 calories per 12 ounce serving, so to burn it off, you would have to take 2,574 steps.

ways to work it off

2,574 steps

  • • 12 minutes of climbing stairs
  • • 20 minutes of light housework, like vacuuming and dusting

Moscow Mule

Bartender Wes Price wanted to get rid of two kinds of alcohol that wouldn't sell on their own in his bar in Los Angeles: ginger beer and Smirnoff Vodka. His creation turned into one very iconic mixed drink. On average, a Moscow Mule has 182 calories and takes 4,258 steps to burn off.

ways to work it off

4,258 steps

  • • 30-second intervals of high-intensity burpees, 5 rounds
  • • 30 minute bike ride


The mojito is over 500 years old and one of the oldest mixed drinks that is still popular today. With all the added sugar that comes in the drink, one mojito contains about 242 calories and takes 5,661 steps to burn off.

ways to work it off

5,661 steps

  • • 20 minute run at 6mph
  • • 25 minutes of rock climbing


No one can confirm exactly when or where the margarita was created, but one fact is for sure: margarita means daisy in Spanish. It takes 3,579 steps to burn off a classic margarita, which has about 153 calories.

ways to work it off

3,579 steps

  • • 20 minute aerobics class
  • • 25 minutes on the elliptical

Long Island Iced Tea

A Long Island Iced Tea is not made with tea at all. This drink is a mix of vodka, tequila, rum, triple sec, gin, and cola, a combination that creates a tea-like color. One drink has about 276 calories, taking you 6,457 steps to burn it off.

ways to work it off

6,457 steps

  • • 25 minute spinning class
  • • 25 minutes of Zumba

Dirty Shirley

A Dirty Shirley is a drink that will make you feel both nostalgic and maybe a little tipsy. There are around 135 calories in this drink, and it would take 3,158 steps to burn off.

ways to work it off

3,158 steps

  • • 20 minute hike
  • • 30 minutes of walking


Shaken or stirred, the possibilities of martinis are endless. One of the most popular mixed drinks, the classic martini, which is a mix of vermouth and gin, has about 176 calories. To burn this drink off, take 4,117 steps.

ways to work it off

4,117 steps

  • • 60 minutes of yoga
  • • 20 minute swim

White Claw

White Claws are made with artesian water and natural flavors, making it only 100 calories per can. It takes 2,340 steps to burn off.

ways to work it off

2,340 steps

  • • 10 minutes of jumping rope
  • • 20 minutes of stretching

Mike's Hard Lemonade

A refreshing drink perfect for summer. Mike’s Hard Lemonade contains 220 calories, which takes 5,147 steps to burn off.

ways to work it off

5,147 steps

  • • 40 minutes of dancing
  • • 20 minutes of circuit training

White Russian

A White Russian is a mix of vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream. The drink has about 257 calories, which will take you 6,012 steps to burn off.

ways to work it off

6,012 steps

  • • 20 minute run at 6mph
  • • 25 minutes on the elliptical


With so many different types of wine, the amount of calories can vary. However, on average, a 6-ounce glass of wine contains around 150 calories and would take 3,509 steps to burn off.

ways to work it off

3,509 steps

  • • 40 minutes of walking
  • • 11 minutes of squats
a glass of wine and a pint of beer

A drink might be satisfying in the moment, but don’t forget you’re taking in a substantial amount of calories with that cocktail as well!

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Nothing tastes as good as 10K steps a day.