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Fried foods

Let’s be honest, anything fried is a comfort food for so many of us. These days, people seem to deep fry anything. Here are some very well-known deep fried food items and how many steps it would take to burn them off.

All conversions are based on a 2,000 steps/mile average for a person weighing 150lbs.

Mozzarella Sticks

Though made with an Italian cheese, mozzarella sticks are not from Italy (surprise, surprise). These deep fried cheese sticks were first created in France! An order of mozzarella sticks from Applebee’s contains 920 calories. It would take 21,521 steps to burn these calories off.

ways to work it off

21,521 steps

  • • 3 rounds of: 100 jumping jacks, 100 mountain climbers, 100 crunches, 50 squats, 50 burpees, 5 min jump rope, and 5 min of high knees

Fried Oreos

The name Charlie Boghosian might not sound familiar to you but he is the name behind one of the greatest inventions of all time—the fried Oreo. He said he walked down the aisles at the grocery store looking for different foods to deep fry. Entrepreneurship at its finest. Four fried Oreos from BD’s Mongolian Grill have 700 calories, which would take 16,375 steps to burn off.

ways to work it off

16,375 steps

  • • 60 minute intense spinning class
  • • 45 minute full-body HIIT workout

Fried Pickles

Fried pickles were first made in 1960 at Duchess Drive In in Atkins, Arkansas and America will forever be thankful. It takes 21,053 steps to burn off the 900 calories in an order of fried pickles from Buffalo Wild Wings.

ways to work it off

21,053 steps

  • • 60 minute run at 7.5mph
  • • 60 minute full body circuit (upper body, lower body, and cardio)


Corndogs were made in 1927 by Stanley S. Jenkins and have become a staple for state fairs and carnivals ever since. One corndog contains around 225 calories and would take you 5,264 steps to burn off.

ways to work it off

5,264 steps

  • • 30 minutes of biking
  • • 30 minutes of dancing

Cheese Curds

Cheese curds, sometimes known as “squeaky cheese”, came to be by complete accident. Cheese makers wanted to make a cholesterol product from soured milk and instead got a really popular snack. There are 510 calories in a regular sized order of cheese curds from Culver’s. It would take you 11,930 steps to burn off these calories.

ways to work it off

11,930 steps

  • • 60 minutes vinyasa-style yoga
  • • 60 minutes of Zumba

Fried Chicken

Ever wonder who you can thank for fried chicken? It’s the Scottish. A chicken leg, thigh, and breast from Popeyes comes to a total 820 calories. It will take 19,182 steps to burn these calories off.

ways to work it off

19,182 steps

  • 60 minutes of rowing
  • 45 minute hill sprint circuit: sprint up a hill, do 10 reps of a full-body exercise (burpees, jump squats, etc.), sprint back down, and repeat.

Bloomin’ Onion

Unsurprisingly, this appetizer is known as one of the most unhealthy items you could possibly order at a restaurant. A whole Bloomin’ Onion from Outback Steakhouse contains 1,950 calories (!!!). It’ll take an easy 45,615 steps to burn that whole thing off.

ways to work it off

45,615 steps

  • • 3 hour run at 6mph


It is hard to resist some deep-fried dough sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, especially when it’s so easy to hold in your hand. A churro, on average, contains about 116 calories. It would take you 2,713 steps to burn that off.

ways to work it off

2,713 steps

  • • 30 minutes of stretching
  • • 10 minutes of jumping rope

Deep Fried Mac & Cheese

People deep fry anything—including mac & cheese! Unsurprisingly, the outcome is delicious but also dangerously high in calories. There are 735 calories in a package of Trader Joe’s Mac & Cheese bites. It’ll take 17,193 steps to burn these calories off.

ways to work it off

17,193 steps

  • • 45 minutes of swimming
  • • 75 minutes on the elliptical

French Fries

No one actually knows where french fries originated, but everyone has a different opinion on who makes their favorite fries. It takes 8,539 stepsto burn off the 365 calories in an average medium sized serving of french fries.

ways to work it off

8,539 steps

  • • 60 minutes casually biking
  • • 30 minutes jumping rope
a sleeve of french fries

The massive pleasure your taste buds experience from fried foods comes along with some massive calories. Only you can decide if it’s worth it.

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Nothing tastes as good as 10K steps a day.