Fall into healthy habits with our Let’s Groove challenge

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Aug 30, 2022

Most of us know what we should do to live a healthy lifestyle. But on a busy day, it can be challenging to carve out time for a walk or make space for a calming breath. Sometimes, the best solution is a return to the basics.

Help your employees start—or restart—healthy habits by hosting our Let’s Groove challenge.

Most healthy habits can be done in under 10 minutes, and this challenge will remind your employees that sometimes all you need to get back into a healthy groove is to get started!

The challenge places an emphasis on consistent movement every day, and prompts users to complete simple actionable content posts that help improve mental health, social wellbeing, and more.

This challenge has something for everyone.

We designed this challenge to appeal to all users—a leaderboard for your more competitive steppers, personal goals for participants who are ready to be consistent, engaging actionable content to keep everyone on their toes, and fun chat prompts to keep the conversation going.

It’s a great challenge to run, whether you’re just getting started on MoveSpring, or you’re on your 100th challenge and want to keep your group grooving. Ready to build some healthy habits? Incorporate the Let’s Groove challenge in your wellness programming by following this guide.

Challenge Details

Follow these specifications when creating your challenge in the Admin Center.

Challenge Name: Let’s Groove

Challenge Modes & Goals:

  • Stick to It - Set and reach a personalized step goal between 5,000 and 20,000 steps at least 15 days of the challenge
  • Actionable Content - Complete the Holistic Health - Actionable mini challenge prompts
  • Leaderboard - Metric: Steps

💡 Leaderboard Tip - We recommend putting an activity cap on a Leaderboard mode. An activity cap can level the playing field, and also put the emphasis on consistency over time, as opposed to overachieving a couple of days to dominate the leaderboard. For this challenge, we recommend a cap of 20,000 steps/day.

Duration: 30 days


Let's get in the groove!

Any time is the right time for building and strengthening healthy habits in your everyday life.

In this challenge, your goals are:

👟 Reach your step goal at least 15 days

✅ Complete 6 mini challenges ranging from self-care to social wellness and more

🥇Keep your eyes on the leaderboard to see who will step to the top!

Ready to get back into your groove? Join us today!

Head to the Admin Center to create the challenge now.

Communication Strategy

Challenge Invitation:

Send this invitation as an in-app announcement and as a message in Slack, Teams, or email.

When: 7 days prior to challenge start

Title: Let’s Groove

Optional Image:

person writing in notebook


Any time is the right time for building and strengthening healthy habits in your everyday life! Join this 30-day challenge to get moving and grooving for your health.

In this challenge, your goals will be to:

👟 Reach your step goal at least 15 days

✅ Complete 6 mini challenges ranging from self-care to social wellness and more

🥇Keep your eyes on the leaderboard to see who will step to the top!

Ready to get in the groove? Join below.

Call to action button text: Join the challenge

Call to action button link: [INSERT CHALLENGE LINK]

Challenge Announcements

Engage your users throughout your challenge by sending in-app announcements. If you’re using personalized goals, consider sending a reminder to participants to set their personalized goals a few days before the challenge starts.

Challenge Kick-off Announcement:

When: First day of challenge

Title: Time to get grooving!


person jogging on city sidewalk

Recipients: Send to challenge participants


Today marks day 1 of our Let’s Groove challenge. It’s time to work on building and maintaining healthy habits!

What’s one choice you can make today to focus on a healthy habit? For some ideas, try out taking a walk, going to bed early, reading a book, drinking more water, or taking a few deep breaths.

If you have any technical questions about the app or need help with syncing, contact the MoveSpring support team at Happy stepping, and good luck getting into the groove!

Want more announcement templates? Find more in our Announcement Templates for Challenge Updates.

Chat Prompts

All chat messages should be posted from your MoveSpring account in the mobile app or from the MoveSpring web app in the challenge chat. Encourage engagement by responding to the prompts yourself first to kick things off!

When: First day of challenge

Message: Our Let’s Groove challenge starts today! Maintaining healthy habits can be hard, but it is so worth it! What’s one healthy habit you want to work on over the course of this challenge?

When: Halfway through the challenge

Message: We’re about halfway through our challenge now, and we hope you’re feeling groovy and on track with your habits. If you have a photo of any habits you’re working on, drop it here in the chat so we can inspire each other!

Rewards Strategy

Pull a report to determine the participants who met their personalized Stick to It goal. Then, hold a drawing to pull 3 random winners from the eligible pool of participants who met their goal.

We suggest prizes that will reinforce the themes of the challenge, so in this case, consider prizes that could help your users continue to build on their new healthy habits!

Prize Ideas:

Want more challenge templates? Ask your client success rep about our Ultimate plan.

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