Accommodate all activity levels with personalized goal challenges

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Jan 7, 2022

Your employees are unique, and so are their fitness goals.

Clients often ask us how to run a challenge that works for a group of users with a wide range of fitness levels and abilities. A challenge goal should be just challenging enough to engage your most active users, while still being attainable for your less active users. A bit of competition can be motivating, but too much comparison can discourage participants from striving to achieve their personal best. Sometimes one overall challenge goal just can’t accommodate everyone.

Our solution? Let your employees set their own, personalized goals in your next challenge!

With our latest update, admins have the ability to allow users to set their own challenge goals from within an admin-specified goal range. Personalized goals are compatible with three challenge modes: Streak, Stick to It, and Target.

setting a personalized goal in the movespring app

Great for groups of varying fitness levels

Personal goals allow you to build a more inclusive challenge that accommodates a wider range of abilities. Instead of setting one goal for every challenge participant, now each user can determine an appropriate goal for their activity level.

For an employee who consistently runs 5 miles every morning or hits the gym each night after work, reaching 7,000 steps a day might not be particularly challenging. For someone who is just starting out on their fitness journey and spends a lot of their day sitting at their desk, trying to find the time to reach 7,000 steps might be too much of a stretch.

A one-size-fits-all approach can run the risk of disengaging both sets of employees. Put your employees in charge of their own fitness by letting them select the goal that works for them.

Set a range for goals to fall within

Personalized goals are compatible with three challenge modes:

  • Streak: Users aim to reach the same daily goal every day of your challenge.
  • Stick to It: Users aim to reach the same daily goal a set number of times during your challenge.
  • Target: Users aim to reach a large, total activity goal by challenge end.

Once you’ve chosen your challenge mode, select your activity metric (steps, distance, or active minutes). Then, set a range for participant goals to fall within. This range reflects the minimum and maximum-effort option for your challenge to accommodate a variety of fitness levels. From the range provided, your employees can set a realistic goal that works best for them.

view of different metrics to choose from the admin center

Pro tip: If you’re not sure what range to set, look at the data from your previous challenges to see what your participants typically achieve. Or, use our suggested goal ranges.

Participants can set their own goal and track their progress.

Once participants join the challenge, they will be prompted to enter a goal that falls within the range you specified when creating the challenge. This allows participants to select a goal that works for them—regardless of their fitness level.

view of a streak target and stick to it personalized goal

Once the challenge starts, each participant will be able to track their own progress towards their personalized goal. They’ll also be able to view the progress of the other challenge participants as they work towards their individualized goals. Everyone will be scored based on the personalized goal they set.

view of group progress in the movespring app

With a personalized goal challenge, participants compete at a pace that works for them.

Regardless of their personalized goal, participants can view each other’s progress and cheer each other on as they work toward their individual goals. As a program administrator, you can embrace each participant’s unique needs and level the playing field with personalized goals.

Create a personalized goal challenge for your next competition.

Click here to create your first personalized goal challenge. Available to all one-time and annual clients.

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