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Sep 28, 2022

One of the best times to visit Rome is in October. During Ottobrate Romane, temperatures are cooler (high of 73 F or 22 C on average), there are less crowds, and you’ll get to enjoy the fall colors and scenery! Lucky for you, you can travel to Rome virtually with your teammates any time of the year with our Trip to Rome challenge idea.

This challenge has participants join forces with their teammates to race across a map of The Eternal City. They’ll unlock famous Roman sites as they make their way through the city towards their team’s distance goal.

Drive the theme home by creating pasta-themed team names before you invite participants to your challenge. Use the default team settings to allow participants to choose the team they want to represent based on their favorite meal—only one pasta dish will come out on top!

view of trip to rome challenge teams

Use our themed chat prompts to highlight fun facts about Rome and ask participants to share their own fun facts about their hometowns to get to know each other better.

You’ll also set the pace for your challenge with an individual goal for each participant to achieve at least 3,000 steps each day of the challenge. After all, you can’t visit the amazing sites of Rome without a little walking!

Follow the guide below to run our Trip to Rome challenge within your organization.

Challenge Details

Follow these specifications when creating your challenge in the Admin Center.

Challenge Name: Trip to Rome

Challenge Modes & Goals:

  • Team Virtual Race - Participants will compete in teams to make it to the finish line with the highest average total distance
  • Streak - Set a goal of 3,000 steps for participants to reach each day of the challenge
  • Quote - Generates a new daily quote for each day of your challenge. Great for a little extra motivation during your challenge!

💡 Team Virtual Race - Pro Tips

Check out our guide for tips on setting a realistic Team Virtual Race goal. We recommend turning on the activity converter to allow all types of activities to count, and we suggest setting an activity cap to ensure the race isn’t completed too soon.

Note that teams do not need to be even in size. We score on averages to account for different team sizes. Virtual Races are scored on total distance moved during the challenge duration, so teams will continue to compete in the leaderboard even after they’ve completed the race.

Duration: 21 days


Let’s take a trip to Rome! Travel to the Eternal City and race along the virtual map with your team to unlock milestones highlighting immersive scenes and tips from locals to transport you right to Italy. Your goals for this vacation are to:

🏛 Step with your team to move through the virtual racetrack

🏛 Pace your steps! Try to keep up a step Streak for the entire challenge

Ciao & happy stepping! 🇮🇹

Head to the Admin Center to create the challenge now.

Communication Strategy

Challenge Invitation:

Send this invitation as an in-app announcement and as a message in Slack, Teams, or email.

When: 7 days prior to challenge start

Title: Take a trip to Rome!

Optional Image:

aerial view of rome


Ciao! Are you ready to take a virtual sightseeing trip to the Eternal City? Join our Trip to Rome challenge! 🇮🇹

We’ll explore Rome's most iconic sites together as you work together toward the Team Virtual Race goal over the next 3 weeks. As you move along the map, you’ll unlock milestones highlighting immersive scenes and tips from locals to transport us right to Italy!

Maintain a daily Streak by reaching your step goal every day of the challenge. Grab your (virtual) passports and let’s get stepping!

Call to action button text: Join the challenge

Call to action button link: [INSERT CHALLENGE LINK]

Challenge Announcements

Engage your participants throughout your challenge by sending in-app announcements.

Challenge Kick-off Announcement:

When: First day of challenge

Title: Trip to Rome begins! 😎


people walking in the city of rome

Recipients: Send to challenge participants


Are you ready for our sightseeing race across Rome? Today is the first day of our challenge so let's get off to a good start.

As a reminder, you’ll be working together with your team to reach your Team Virtual Race goal over the course of the challenge. We'll explore a well-known Roman site in each milestone!

We will also be posting some fun facts in the chat. Keep an eye out and join the conversation.

Now it's time to get steppin' through the city! 🇮🇹

Challenge Wrap-up Announcement:

Recap your challenge by calling out stats and any rewards or prizes you are giving out. Be sure to include your own information in the placeholders below.

When: After grace period ends

Title: Thanks for participating!


people with arms raised in the sunset

Recipients: Send to challenge participants


We hope you enjoyed stepping through the Eternal City and working together to reach the finish line. 🇮🇹

There’s a lot to be proud of, but to highlight a few accomplishments:

  • We moved [TOTAL CHALLENGE DISTANCE] together
  • [00] participants met their Streak goal. Way to maintain your pace!

It’s time to congratulate three lucky participants who met their Streak goals. Props to…




for winning our prize raffle!

Thanks again for joining us on our Trip to Rome! Until next time, arrivederci! 👋

Want more announcement templates? Find more in our Announcement Templates for Challenge Updates.

Chat Prompts

All chat messages should be posted from your MoveSpring account in the mobile app or from the MoveSpring web app in the challenge chat. Encourage engagement by responding to the prompts yourself first to kick things off!

When: First day of challenge


Buongiorno, steppers! It's the first day of our virtual trip through Rome! Here in chat, we'll be sharing some fun facts about Rome every week.

To kick us off, who’s hungry? Rome is known for dishes like Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, and Bucatini all’Amatriciana (yes, we're all about the pasta 🍝 😋 ). Is there a particular food or drink that your city is known for? Tell us about it!

When: End of second week


Two weeks down and just one more to go! 🌟

In the heart of Rome close to the Spanish Steps, you'll find the Villa Borghese Gardens. The third largest park in Rome, it was built in 1605 and features a zoo, theater, and art galleries! What's a notable park or wildlife area in your city that you enjoy? Let us know, and share a photo if you've been there!

Rewards Strategy

Pull a report to determine the participants who met their Streak goal. Then, hold a drawing to pull 3 random winners from the eligible pool of participants who met their goal.

We suggest prizes that will reinforce the themes of the challenge, so in this case, consider fun prizes that are travel or Italy-themed!

Prize Ideas:

Want more challenge templates? Ask your client success rep about our Ultimate plan.

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