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Should you use Actionable Content or a Custom Activity Challenge?

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Jan 5, 2021

MoveSpring offers two ways to track activity that is not collected through a wearable device: Actionable Content or Custom Activity Challenges. Both features enable you to track and incentivize a variety of customizable health actions inside the MoveSpring app.

Custom Activity Challenges allow you to run a Streak or Stick to it! challenge based on any custom activity you specify, such as water consumption, meditation, sleep, or eating vegetables. This feature asks users to complete the same recurring, daily goal. Learn more about Custom Activity Challenges here.

Actionable Content allows you to upload a prompt, video, article, or task that users mark as complete. This feature allows you to create a list or series of different actions to complete. Unlike Custom Activity Challenges, users do not have to repeat the same action every day. Learn more about Actionable Content here.

While you can always use both Actionable Content and Custom Activity in the same challenge, we created this guide to help you determine when to use each feature in a variety of scenarios.

I want to track an activity outside of steps, distance, and active minutes.

Solution: Either Feature

You can use either Actionable Content or Custom Activity Challenges. The most important difference between these features is whether or not you want your participants to complete the same, consistent activity each day. If that's the case, then use Custom Activity Challenges. If you want users to complete a variety of different activities, use Actionable Content.

I want the user to complete the SAME action every day.

Solution: Custom Activity Challenges

Custom Activity Challenges require participants to complete the same, single action each day, or for a set number of times throughout the challenge. This feature is great for building habits and consistency around a very focused goal.

I want the user to complete a DIFFERENT activity each day.

Solution: Actionable Content

Actionable Content allows you to upload a totally different action or prompt each day of the challenge. Additionally, you can upload more than one prompt per day. Option to link out to a video, article, or webpage as well. This feature is great for completing a series of different actions.

I want the user to build up a skill or behavior gradually.

Solution: Either Feature

With Actionable Content, you can upload a series of prompts that increase in difficulty or skill. For example, in a meditation challenge, you can post a 1-minute meditation prompt on the first day of the challenge. On day 2, you can post a different, 5-minute meditation prompt, and on day 3, you can post a more difficult 10-minute prompt. These prompts can link to a video or article.

With Custom Activity Challenges, build up a skill or advance a habit by creating a series of challenges. For example, you may want to run a water challenge that increases the consumption goal over time. In this scenario, create three, week-long Streak or Stick to it! challenges in a row. Week one, the daily water consumption goal can be 3 glasses of water each day. Week two can be 6 glasses of water each day. Week three can ask users to drink 8 glasses of water each day.

I want employees to complete a list of various activities.

Solution: Actionable Content

Actionable Content allows you to upload and schedule many different prompts throughout the course of a challenge. Additionally, you don't need to upload a new prompt each day, you can schedule a few prompts or tasks for strategic times throughout the challenge. Users can review completed content or prompts in a list-view, making it easy to see which actions are outstanding and which have been completed.

I want to reduce the amount of admin work involved.

Solution: Either Feature

Custom Activity Challenges are quick to set-up and don't require any work once configured. All you need to do is pick your challenge mode (Streak or Stick to it!), fill in your recurring daily goal, then wait for the challenge to start.

Set up an entire Actionable Content program in just a few clicks by using MoveSpring Content Collections. Content Collections include 10-20 curated articles, videos, and prompts focused around a variety of health topics, such as mindfulness, stress management, meal planning, and more. Pick and choose specific pieces to upload, or evenly distribute an entire collection throughout the course of a challenge in just a few clicks. We offer many Content Collections specifically designed for Actionable Content, which include more action-focused posts and prompts.

I want this challenge to feel competitive.

Solution: Custom Activity Challenges

Custom Activity Challenges are compatible with two challenge modes: Streak and Stick to it! When users mark their activity as complete, they are scored into the challenge, allowing users to track other participants' progress and follow their own stats in detail. This allows for a very engaging competition among participants.

I want this challenge to feel more passive.

Solution: Actionable Content

Actionable Content allows users to focus on their own progress in a non-competitive experience. Users can see who has completed each post, but they cannot see other participants' overall score and detailed stats. Actionable Content also doesn't require the user to complete an action daily, rather, they just need to complete all the prompts you post before the challenge is over. Additionally, Actionable Content includes the ability to like and comment on posts, which enables for a passive, but socially motivating experience.

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