Cut through the clutter with our latest feature: Announcements

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Apr 1, 2020

Our clients often tell us that MoveSpring step challenges are their most successful corporate wellness initiative.

We love to hear that! We ask clients what makes the MoveSpring wellness program a success, and they usually give us a few key reasons:

  1. Employees developed an interest in their health
  2. Employees improved their fitness levels or created a lasting lifestyle change
  3. The program boosted company culture and morale
  4. Everyone had fun!

On average, MoveSpring users open the app twice a day while participating in a challenge.

Admins are surprised to learn their employees use the MoveSpring app on a daily basis. Most other employee engagement tools see little love. Many employees only log into their benefits portal once a year. Nearly all employees are guilty of ignoring at least one email from HR. We realize how difficult it is for our admins to effectively communicate and engage their employees. We knew we could help close the loop.

Our latest feature, Announcements, helps admins cut through the clutter and capitalize on employee engagement by reaching their employees where they already are—in the MoveSpring app.

We created Announcements to help admins take advantage of the momentum gained from running a MoveSpring wellness program. Our latest feature allows admins to send timely info and updates to employees directly in the app.

How it works

Fast, customizable creation

Admins can create, send, and schedule announcements directly in the MoveSpring Admin Center. A basic announcement may simply include a headline and brief description. However, admins can also include an image or a button with a customizable call-to-action. This button can link users to a different website or portal.

creating an announcement from the movespring admin center

Send to all or some of your employees

Quickly send an announcement to all your MoveSpring users, or select sub-groups based on the custom questions asked during your initial onboarding flow. Additionally, admins can send announcements to specific individuals as well as past challenge participants.

choosing supplemental fields for announcements

For immediate release, or schedule for later

Similar to our customizable content uploader, admins have the option of immediate publication or scheduling the announcement for a later date and time. Create an entire schedule of announcements that are timed for critical communication points throughout your challenge or broader wellness program.

One, focused announcement at a time

Never battle inbox clutter again. Users will only ever see one announcement at a time, right at the top of their dashboard. Users see the most recent announcement until another is posted, or until the announcement expires after 10 days. Users can find all past announcements in their Utility Panel. This can be accessed via the menu icon at the top of the mobile dashboard. On web, users can access past announcements via the new Announcements tab in the nav.

viewing an announcement from the movespring mobile app

Try some of these ideas for your first announcement:

  • Share ongoing tips on how to stay safe amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Link to the CDC website with lots of trustworthy information on treatment and prevention.
  • Invite and alert users to upcoming company events, such as a virtual happy hour or an impromptu company walk.
  • Remind employees to get their flu shot (it’s never too late!). Link to a mobile-friendly flu shot finder.
  • Encourage employees to enroll in their annual benefits and include a button that navigates users directly to their enrollment page.
  • Post spontaneous praise, highlighting users who are working hard to improve their activity and are frequently engaging with the challenge.
  • Keep participants incentivized with prize reminders and details on when prize winners will be announced.
  • Educate users on how to make the most of the MoveSpring app even after their company-wide step challenge ends. Encourage users to create their own challenges with friends, shoot for new personal records, and hold their coworkers accountable to stay active.

Announcements are available to all MoveSpring plans and one-time event clients.

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