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Friendly competition and a vibrant chat room help bring a fast growing company together.


Ramey Kemp is a transportation consulting firm that takes great pride in a culture of ownership. The hands-on, employee owned company offers a 360 wellness program that focuses on physical, social and community wellness. Outside of their volunteering events (community wellness), they were seeking a tool that could boost office morale (social wellness) as well as promote physical health.

As the company was planning on doubling in size over the next year, they were seeking a solution with predictable and simple pricing that would also provide a fun, social space for everyone to stay connected during a time of rapid hiring. Employees owned a variety of devices, with many having purchased Apple Watches through an Aetna program. Finding a device-agnostic platform was paramount to their needs.

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“The MoveSpring step challenge has been the biggest success in our wellness program.”

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Key features used

monthly target & virtual race challenges

The company ran dual Target and Virtual Race challenges where employees virtually traveled between two office locations. The challenge goals were based on the actual distance between the offices. Each month, the destinations and offices changed.

activity conversion

Getting credit for every last step, active minute, and mile moved was key to this group of highly engaged users. Ramey Kemp employees took advantage of our activity conversion tool to translate their favorite workouts into precise step counts in the app.


The challenge chat rooms were the life of the party. Users, including company leadership, mastered the art of “soft trash talk,” or friendly teasing to egg on competition. One particular message got the group really giggling: “My dog walks more than you, and she died a year ago.” #savage

custom wavier

Ramey Kemp was able to upload their own liability waiver that was virtually signed by employees during onboarding. A big win for the leadership team!


The MoveSpring step challenges are Ramey Kemp’s most successful wellness initiative to date. Employees were drawn to MoveSpring’s enticing balance of competition and fun. The level of competition was approachable and provided everyone a chance to challenge themselves in an enjoyable way.

The company collectively averaged 10,000 steps per day during the challenges and created a voluntary boycott of the Raleigh office elevator. Taking the stairs became a badge of pride, and a necessary way to stay competitive in the monthly challenge.

The challenges also had an impact on the company’s social wellness. MoveSpring was instrumental in team building during a year where the company doubled in size. Many people didn’t know each other, but were able to quickly become acquainted through the challenges. “Having this as a casual thing outside of meetings has made people more comfortable with each other,” the admin said.

Regardless of tenure, everyone knew “Nightwalker,” an employee whose identity still remains a mystery at Ramey Kemp. Every night, this user would post cryptic messages in the chat, such as “The night is young.” By morning time, Nightwalker had racked up thousands of steps and became the talk of the office, inspiring people to get moving at all hours of the day.

Between the physical and social impact of these step challenges, MoveSpring has become a critical tool to boosting individual health and team camaraderie at the rapidly growing Ramey Kemp & Associates.

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