What's new in the iOS 13 Health app? Super-fast syncing!

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Nov 6, 2019

Apple’s recent release of iOS 13 includes major updates to the Apple Health app. How does this affect MoveSpring users? Three words: super-fast syncing!

Wellness has been a major focal point for this iteration of the iPhone operating system. In fact, Tim Cook has deemed improving people’s health via the iPhone as “Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind.”* Let’s take a look at the major Apple Health app updates and how this impacts our users' experience with MoveSpring.

Note: the following updates only affect those who are using an iPhone or Apple Watch to track activity in MoveSpring.

What's new in the Health app?

With this update, users will realize an updated Health app interface that gives the user a more “at-a-glance” snapshot view. You can also view highlights for specified metrics, including your pacing for the day.

health app summary and highlights

Customization of your dashboard has been made much easier, as you can favorite which metrics you would like to appear in the “Summary” tab. This is a significant difference from the previous version, giving the user access to all of their activity insights without having to navigate to another tab. The “Browse” tab gives in-depth insight into all health categories.

browse tab and health categories in the health app

Step tracking updates in real-time

One of the more impressive features in the new Health app is the real-time pedometer updates. Whether you are using your Apple Watch, or just your iPhone as a tracker, you should see your steps and distance update in real time in the Health app during your walk or run. This should help create better consistency between the activity stats seen in the iPhone and Apple Watch.

How does this impact the MoveSpring experience?

For existing MoveSpring users who are connected using their Apple Watch or iPhone, there is no action required to continue syncing. However, you will now see real-time updates while the app is open, as shown in the video below. Even a few steps will now be synced to MoveSpring almost immediately.

This advancement does not require the Health App to be open in the background. It will continue to update as long as the Health App is installed on your iPhone, and you have allowed MoveSpring access to your health data. Additionally, it will continue to update while your phone is on low battery mode, which is another great feature of iOS 13. MoveSpring pulls data directly from the Health app, meaning the data should always be within a few steps. If not, then there could be some other factor that is affecting your connection.

What if I don't have iOS 13?

The app will still work as it has prior. It is not required to upgrade your iPhone software to continue using MoveSpring. That said, we recommend you always have the latest operating software downloaded to your phone for optimal performance across all your apps.

A few tips on troubleshooting potential syncing issues

If, for some reason, you do not notice your steps updating, simply closing and reopening MoveSpring should resolve the issue. You may also want to ensure that you have an Apple device connected, by navigating to your Profile > Settings. If you still are having issues, ensure that you have allowed MoveSpring permissions by navigating to: iPhone Settings > Privacy > Health > MoveSpring. If none of these resolve your issue, please reach out to support.

Overall, we are very pleased with the iOS 13 Health app update. The near real-time syncing from the Health app ensures our users are getting scored for every step they take, as soon as it happens!


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