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Try our Daily Workout module for simple, at-home exercises

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Mar 23, 2020

Wondering how to get your employees moving at home? Try our Daily Workout module in your next challenge.

A 5-minute workout automatically posted to your challenge, every day.

The Daily Workout module automatically posts a new workout video every day of your challenge. Each workout consists of five exercises. Users are encouraged to do each exercise for one minute for a quick, five-minute workout. Or, users can repeat the circuit for a longer, full body routine.

Daily Workout helps your participants find small ways to get more steps. With a new workout every day, challenge participants always have inspiration on how to get moving. Best part? It requires zero work from you, the admin!

Add Daily Workout to your next challenge

When you’re creating a challenge, be sure to add the Daily Workout module. You can find Daily Workout listed alongside the Content and Quote modules. Once your challenge starts, we will auto-upload a new workout daily.

daily workout module from the admin center

Try out these virtual health challenges to get started

Check out our line-up of remote working challenges, organized by a variety of employee health goals:

  • Encourage consistent movement
  • Maintain a sharp and productive mind
  • Promote employee connection and engagement

In these challenges, content is key! Educate and inform your employees on remote working best practices, staying active, and meal prepping with pantry staples. View our content library, sub-topic: COVID-19, for some inspiration on what content to share in your challenge.

Already have an employee health & fitness challenge planned? Try one of these timely challenge names:

  • Digital Nomads: Work around the globe!
  • We’re all in this together!
  • Hibernation Health Nuts
  • Let’s stick together–yeah, yeah, yeah!
  • Brighten your mood with gratitude!
  • United We Step
  • Walking on Sunshine & Sanitizer
  • Between a walk and a hard pace
  • Stepping from a Distance
  • Happy & Healthy Together
  • Keepin' it together, from afar
  • Stepping for a better tomorrow
  • Can't catch us!
  • Social Distancing, but Stepping Together

Loving these challenge name ideas? Check out our best tips on creating an enticing challenge name here.

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