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Mar 20, 2019

Bring your activity challenges to the next level by leveraging our content module to provide contextual education, post announcements and even promote other wellness benefits.

While you’re able to upload your own content for things like prize announcements or a promo for flu shots, we also have a content library for you to quickly create educational programming.

We know curating content is likely not part of your day job. So we did it for you.

We heard from our clients that content curation can be one of the more time consuming aspects of wellness programming. As many of our clients don’t have the title of “Wellness Director,” we knew this task was starting to take time away from their already very busy day job.

Additionally, many clients reported that previous wellness content they received from an insurance provider or other wellness vendor was very dry and few of their employees ever engaged with it. After all, who really wants to watch a 4 hour video on how to get better sleep? Sounds like a real snooze.

Schedule a month of articles, videos and posts in less than 15 minutes.

We scoured the web for top articles, videos and tips from sites that many of our end-users already frequent. Rather than pushing unapproachable clinical content, we opted for consumer-friendly info that was easy to adopt in real life. Think high quality at-home workout videos, articles on meal planning, recipes for Meatless Monday and tips for de-stressing at work.

Through in-app browsing and native video player technology, users have seamless access to information that is most relevant and applicable to their everyday life. Best part? They never even have to leave the MoveSpring app.

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With hundreds of content pieces and growing, our library covers three main topics: general health, fitness and nutrition.

  • Health: topics including stress, sleep, meditation and specific conditions like diabetes
  • Fitness: tips, workouts and ideas on how to get moving
  • Nutrition: recipes, healthy eating and special dietary info

Browse, filter and select your entire challenge content lineup in just minutes. Ready to give it a go? Contact our salesor client success team for more info.

Note: feature is only available on Pro and Ultimate plans.

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