Step challenge idea: The benefits of being curious

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Jun 5, 2019

Curiosity can positively impact a person's performance at work, not to mention boost happiness and reduce anxiety.

We often hear about curiosity killing the cat. But for humans, curiosity can have a positive impact on our social, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. Experiencing new and novel things releases dopamine in our brain, otherwise known as the "feel good chemical." Studies have shown that curious people tend to be happier, experience lower levels of anxiety, and report higher satisfaction with life. But wait, there's more: curiosity can also increase a person's performance and achievement at work.*

For this challenge, we opted for Journey mode and the Cross-Country Adventure theme. There's nothing quite like a road trip into the unknown to rev up curiosity. Who knows what you'll discover next!

Challenge Details

Challenge Mode: Journey, Cross-Country Adventure Map Theme

Duration: 10 days

Goal: A sample goal might be to aim for 2 miles per day, for a total of 20 miles.

Note: Use the MoveSpring Admin Center's reporting and dashboard to determine your group's average daily distance moved.

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Content Strategy

Our content strategy focuses on educating participants on the importance of curiosity and creativity. We highlight the benefits of being curious, how to practice being curious and creative, as well as inspiring stories of highly curious people.

Curiosity Content

Note: Be sure to include a content module in your challenge, then upload and schedule the above articles and videos.

Rewards Strategy

We recommend following a points-based raffle strategy to avoid consistently rewarding the same group of top steppers. For this challenge, you can award one point for joining the group, one point per milestone unlocked, one point for completing the journey, and then 3 points to the people with the top 3 challenge scores (furthest distance moved). At the end, hold a raffle. Each person will have as many raffle entries as total points accumulated throughout the journey challenge. Draw a random winner and award a curiosity themed prize!

Curiosity-themed Prize Ideas


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