Step Challenge Idea: Thanksgiving Theme

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Nov 19, 2020

The holidays are here and you know what that means: lots of delicious food and plenty of fun with friends and family. However, the holidays also mean hours of sedentary time watching football, online shopping and getting in that post-turkey nap. All that meat, cheese and sitting around usually leads the average American to gain one pound during the holiday season.

Keep your employees motivated and moving this Thanksgiving with a fun company step challenge. Check out our content ideas that include how to stay fit with the family, lightened up Thanksgiving recipes, and ways to show gratitude this holiday season. Bonus: a big list of festive, fun team name ideas!

Challenge Details

Challenge Mode: Team Leaderboard & Streak

Duration: 10 days

Goal: Be the team with the highest daily step average & achieve 20 active minutes per day

Creative Team Names:

Create and name the teams in your team leaderboard challenge. We had some fun coming up with these festive team names:

  • The Galloped Potatoes
  • Can’t Stop This Gravy Train
  • Green Bean Casserole Machine
  • Will Run For Pumpkin
  • Fowl Players
  • Pilgrims’ Progress
  • Drumstick Dashers
  • Struttin’ Our Stuffing
  • Gobble Till We Wobble

Wondering how we got so punny? Check out this blog post on creative challenge naming.

Content Strategy

Upload your own content to highlight ways to stay fit this Thanksgiving, tips on showing gratitude, and a few lightened up Thanksgiving recipe ideas.

Note: Be sure to include a content module in your challenge, then upload and schedule the above articles and videos.

Rewards Strategy

Stay on theme with these Thanksgiving and seasonal prize ideas. Follow our rewards strategy doc for a step-by-step points plan that gives every participant a chance to win.

Prize Ideas

Gobble gobble, friends! Hope you have a healthy Thanksgiving.


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