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Jun 7, 2019

A regular morning routine can inspire a sense of purpose, reduce anxiety and improve the ability to cope with stress.

Having a morning routine sets you up for a productive day. A set morning routine can help people feel less frazzled, give them a sense of purpose, improve emotional health and the ability to cope with stress, as well as reduce anxiety. All these positive effects add up to a big impact on an individual's overall wellbeing.*

A healthier lifestyle starts in the morning.

In this challenge, encourage participants to create a morning routine or improve their existing A.M. activities. There are many ways to build a routine, but only one way to make it successful -- by making sure you stick to it. That's why we chose our daily goal mode, Stick to it! for this challenge. Building new habits can be hard, and Stick to it! ensures users stay motivated even when they miss a day or two. Here, we suggest participants aim for 30 active minutes per day, 15 times throughout the course of the month. Bonus points for those who accomplish these 30 minutes right when they wake up!

Challenge Details

Challenge Mode: Stick to it!

Duration: 30 days

Goal: 30 active minutes a day, 15 times

Note: Not all activity trackers pass their minutes data to our app. For example, if a participant is using an iPhone to track steps (not a watch), then we will not receive minutes data. Enable manual activity entry and the activity converter for these types of participants to enter their own minutes data.

Content Strategy

Our content strategy focuses on effective morning routines. We include how to create one, routines of successful people, as well as benefits of being active before work.

Note: Be sure to include a content module in your challenge, then upload and schedule the above articles and videos.

Rewards Strategy

We recommend following a raffle strategy to avoid consistently rewarding the same group of top steppers. For this challenge, award one point to everyone who joins the challenge. Users who complete 50% of their total daily goals earn 1 additional point, users who complete 75% of their total daily goals earn 2 additional points, users who complete 100% of their total daily goals earn 3 additional points. At the end of the challenge, users will have as many raffle entries as points accumulated throughout the challenge. Randomly draw winners and hand out a morning routine themed prize!

Morning-themed Prize Ideas


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