Step challenge idea: Going for the gold

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Jun 24, 2019

Businesses in the United States lose $226 billion in productivity annually due to their employees being neither prepared nor present for work.

Inspire your employees to stay committed to their health by sharing the stories of dedicated and resilient Olympic athletes. A study by the CDC showed that businesses in the United States lose $226 billion in productivity annually due to their employees being neither prepared nor present for work.* Reduce absenteeism and boost productivity by promoting the foundation for success: a healthy mind and body. Share stories of Olympian dedication and perseverance to inspire your workforce to bring their gold-medal game every day of the week.

Olympic athletes know success is built from hard work and daily dedication to your goals.

Becoming an Olympic athlete doesn't happen overnight. It requires a daily commitment to your goals and continued perseverance in the face of challenges. Our Streak challenge mode allows users to practice this continuous daily goal achievement. Host your own version of office Olympics by creating three different Streak challenges, one for high, medium and low steppers. This allows employees of all fitness levels to realistically compete in a challenge that pushes them just outside of their comfort zone.

Challenge Details

Challenge Mode: Streak

Duration: 30 days

Goal: 5,000 (low steppers), 8,000 (medium steppers) and 12,000 (high steppers) steps per day for the duration of the challenge

Content Strategy

Our content strategy includes articles on Olympic training and conditioning, stories of Olympians, as well as the benefits of having active people in the workplace.

Note: Be sure to include a content module in your challenge, then upload and schedule the above articles and videos.

Rewards Strategy

We recommend following a points-based raffle strategy so participants of all activity levels can be rewarded for their hard work. For this challenge, award one point to everyone who joins the challenge. Then, award one point for each day participants reach their daily step or minutes goal. At the end of the challenge, users will have as many raffle entries as points accumulated throughout the challenge. Randomly draw winners and hand out the Olympic prize pack! See below for a few ideas on what to include in your Olympic prize pack.

Prize Ideas


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