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Get creative with announcements

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Mar 16, 2022

Communication is crucial to a successful wellness program.

Fortunately, MoveSpring makes communication easy to manage, from announcements to chat and content! In this blog post, we’ll be highlighting how to creatively use the announcements feature throughout your wellness program.

Why do we love announcements?

Announcements take up valuable real estate on the MoveSpring dashboard, placing relevant information right in your employees' hands. Push notifications ensure no one misses an important update, and adding an optional call to action makes announcements flexible and interactive.

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Customize announcements to fit your every need

To access announcements in the admin center, select Campaigns from the top navigation bar and make sure you’re viewing the Announcements tab.

All announcements in MoveSpring require a title and description. Beyond that, you can fully customize your announcement to fit your needs! Choose to include an image and a custom call to action directing users to a URL. Then, select your recipients and include an optional push notification to alert users through the app.

You can also schedule out your announcements in advance to save time later! Learn more about creating and scheduling announcements here.

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Getting creative with announcements

The announcements feature is fully customizable, which means you can get creative with your communications! We’ve highlighted our best recommendations for using announcements below to help you make the most of the feature.

Give challenge updates & reminders

Ready to announce a new challenge, or hoping to drum up some excitement during the final week of your event? Announcements are a great resource. You can send announcements to all users in your account or just to your challenge participants depending on what you’re sharing.

In addition to building the hype for your challenge, remember to also use announcements as a tool to remind users to join teams, sync, or set a personalized goal. Access announcement templates for sharing challenge updates here.

Share company reminders

Remind your employees of important dates and reminders for your wellness program and related benefits, such as when to get your free on-site flu vaccination or where to complete your health risk assessment (HRA).

Encourage employees

Looking for a fun way to check-in with employees? Create an announcement highlighting users who have been going above and beyond! If you don’t have an active challenge, shoutout employees who have been moving the greatest distance over the past week, or call out the most improved users in your account over the past month. This information can be accessed through Reporting. Access templates to help inspire your user shoutouts here.

Educate employees

Use announcements as a way to educate your employees on relevant wellness topics, such as sleep or nutrition. Employees will benefit from the reminder to prioritize their health. Access general health and wellness engagement announcement templates here.

Celebrate events and holidays

Sharing timely reminders related to events and holidays is a simple way to engage employees throughout the year. Provide tips related to building healthy habits around New Year’s or remind employees to take care of their hearts in February for American Heart Health month. Access seasonal announcement templates here.

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Highlight features

Another great use of announcements is to highlight MoveSpring features to encourage usage. For example, you may have enabled user created challenges, but employees may not be aware that this feature is available to them. To help build excitement and encourage usage, send a quick message sharing that the feature is live! Access announcement templates to highlight new features here.

Gather user feedback

Announcements can also be used collect user feedback. Send out a short survey link via the custom Call to Action button. You can gauge employee satisfaction with your wellness programming, poll participants on what they’d like to see next, and more.

Ready to get started? Use our announcement templates as inspiration:

Announcement Templates for Challenge Updates and New Features

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Announcement Templates for User Stat Shoutouts

Announcement Templates for Seasonal Engagement

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