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February Admin Update

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Feb 26, 2020

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In this month's update: Updated content uploader, new MoveSpring profile design and moving behind 10k steps per day challenges.


Journey Push Notifications & Clickable Milestones

Users will now receive a push notification when they meet a journey milestone, when they reach the halfway point, and when they complete a journey. Account owners can make changes to push notification settings at any time from within the admin center. Click here for more information.

Add Users from Previous Challenges

In just one click admins can now add all users into a challenge from a previous challenge. This is particularly helpful for clients running back to back monthly challenges or weekly challenges with increasing goals. Follow the steps here!

UI Improvements to Team Pages in Admin Center

We optimized team challenge screens within the admin center so you can edit any team challenge settings - even after the challenge has started. Click into any team page to see updated views for team stats, and easily view all team participants.

Friends & User-Created Challenges Graphs in Dashboard

Get a quick snapshot view of how your group is utilizing Friends and User-created Challenges within the Dashboard tab of the admin center. See how many challenges users have created or who is your friendliest user to date.

Pagination Within Users Tab

This one is for our larger groups! Within the admin center Users tab click the ' >' buttons on the bottom of the screen to navigate to the next page of users. This will only show when there are more than 50 users to display.

New Content Uploader

Uploading your own content just got easier. When posting an article or video you'll paste the URL, select 'Populate' and the system will auto- populate the title, description, and photo. Try it out today!


view of activity insights in movespring app

NEW! MoveSpring Profile Design for Better Insight Tracking

We’ve released a new look for user profiles in the MoveSpring mobile app. Now, users can add more personalization and more easily access their activity insights. Additionally, we made a change to the default profile privacy setting in the end user app.

Keep track of personal activity trendsUsers can more easily access and view their activity over time. Stay motivated and maintain progress through this more robust and accessible personal tracking, front and center on the new profile page.

Longer access to past challenge scoresUsers can now view scores from completed challenges for up to 60 days after they end. After 60 days, the challenges will archive and their scores will no longer be accessible within the app.

Update to default profile privacy setting for all new users Now, by default, all new users will have a Friends-Only privacy setting. This means only friends can see the Activity and Challenges tabs of a user’s profile. Participants may still update their privacy settings to allow for more or less access.


movespring streak logo

Going for the gold

Inspire your employees to stay committed to their health by sharing the stories of dedicated and resilient Olympic athletes. Encourage them to bring that gold-medal game every day of the week.

  • Modules: Streak
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Goal: 5,000 (low steppers), 8,000 (medium steppers), or 12,000 (high steppers).

Amp up the fun with these suggested content posts and rewards ideas!


Moving beyond 10k steps per day

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to corporate step challenges. Often times we get stuck in the mindset that 10,000 steps per day is the right goal for everyone. While in fact, if we're trying to pursue the idea of everyone living an active & healthy lifestyle, the right daily activity goal will vary from person to person. We need to empower our employees to find their 'healthy' and move past the ideal one goal for all.

Think outside the 10k / day box

We know that hosting a step challenge that engages everyone can be hard. Your employees have different wants, needs and baseline activity levels. We've found that offering a variety of challenge types, and focusing on content, community, and gamification are key to challenging users of all levels..

What to focus on...

So you're thinking about changing things up with your programming, but where do you start? We've outlined our best practice tips cultivated from our years of experience helping clients, like you, to build successful programs for their organization.

TIP #1:

Set a realistic, but challenging goal that varies with each challenge. Although 10,000 steps can be a realistic goal for some, for others this goal can be too challenging or even unreachable. It's important that you cater your challenge module goals to the differing activity levels of your members to keep them engaged in your program.

TIP #2:

Mix up your challenge mode. MoveSpring has a variety of challenge modes aimed at appealing to all different user needs. Some like to be competitive with themselves, while others like to be competitive against their colleagues. A program geared towards both will keep all parties motivated.

TIP #3:

Think outside the box of content. The activity portion of a challenge is only just a piece of the puzzle. Users want to be motivated to push further and educated on how to lead a healthier life. Use the content module to share themed articles and videos with your users.

For more on this topic, including more tips and details on how to put each tip into action, head to the MoveSpring Blog here.



  • March Madness
  • March to Fitness
  • Shamrock Shuffle
  • Spring Forward
  • Active April
  • Step into Spring
  • Spring Sprint
  • MAYrathon
  • May Muscle Hustle

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