Celebrate your achievements with MoveSpring Badges

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Apr 9, 2020

At MoveSpring, we believe all achievements are worth celebrating, no matter how small. With our latest feature, Badges, it's more rewarding than ever to celebrate your accomplishments!

variety of movespring achievement badges

Consistently and automatically recognize employees for more than just challenge scores.

Previously, achievements in MoveSpring were focused on a participant's challenge score. Users experienced a sense of accomplishment for placing in the top three of a Leaderboard challenge or hitting a seven-day Streak.

With Badges, users can earn an achievement on their own time, whether they're in a challenge or not. Earning these individual, ongoing badges keeps participants engaged. It also encourages them to take consistent, small health actions. Even better, Badges require zero set-up work for admins. They are ready to use by default in the MoveSpring app.

How Badges work

As employee fitness levels vary, we want to make sure Badges are accessible to individuals of all activity levels. In the new MoveSpring Badge system, users can earn badges in four different categories: Challenge, Activity, Community, and Seasonal.

Challenge badges

Recognize users for completing each challenge type as well as for their challenge performance. For example, the Gone Streakin' badge is earned every time a user completes a Streak challenge. The Above & Beyond badge rewards users for completing 150% of their Target challenge goal.

Activity badges

In the Activity Badge category, users receive personal recognition for improved or consistent activity, regardless of whether or not they are in a challenge. The Up and Up badge is earned when a user increases their monthly step average. The 5K Pro badge rewards users for maintaining at least 5,000 steps per day for one month.

view of challenge badges from the movespring mobile app

Community badges

The Community Badge category celebrates those users who simply engage with the app. Earn badges for liking content, syncing your device, adding friends, sending chat messages, and more. You don't need to be incredibly active to earn Community Badges, just enthusiastic.

Seasonal badges

Our rotating Seasonal badges will reward users for reaching activity or engagement goals that are connected to a timely seasonal theme. For example, the Be Mine badge is earned when a user moves 5,000 steps on Valentine's Day. We'll be adding and updating Seasonal badges often so users always have a chance to earn a limited-time achievement.

Users will find a complete list of available badges on their profile. Tapping on a badge will bring up details about how to unlock it or when the user earned it.

How we created badges

We looked at a ton of inspiration before we started creating badges. Many step-tracking apps (and even apps that aren't fitness-related) allow users to earn badges. We decided from the start that we wanted our badges to be fun, colorful, and easily digestible to match our brand. We came up with an initial list of badges users could achieve, and started on some ideas.

movespring achievement badge template

Once we determined a template for all the badges, we started designing them one by one. We designed each badge to be eye-catching, fun, and inspiring. This first batch includes 40+ badges for users to achieve!

Get started with Badges today

Give your employees that extra boost of motivation they need with our fun, inclusive MoveSpring Badges. Badges are available in all MoveSpring subscription plans, which you can check out here.

Note: Badges are turned on by request for existing clients. Please contact your client success manager to activate badges for your account.

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