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Sharp Healthcare uses MoveSpring to create an inclusive, ongoing wellness program for employees.


Health and well-being are at the very core of Sharp Healthcare’s mission. That’s why they created the Sharp Move More program that rewards employees for consistent physical activity. Sharp had initially used Fitbit to track activity and distribute incentives. However, they found Fitbit to be limiting. Engagement was low since only Fitbit users could participate. Additionally, the challenge options were inflexible and offered little data reporting.

To expand their program to allow employees with a variety of wearables to participate, Sharp turned to MoveSpring. Sharp liked that they could run a custom challenge structure and utilize the robust reporting options to easily manage monthly rewards. The MoveSpring customer success team helped them craft the perfect program for their organization’s needs.

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“User engagement is significantly higher on MoveSpring in comparison to past platforms. I think most of this stems from the ease of onboarding and sense of inclusion.”

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Key features used

monthly streak challenges

Sharp set up a 5,000 steps/day streak challenge that resets monthly. Prizes were awarded via lottery for those who average at least 5,000 steps/day throughout the month. This mode made it easy for users to track their reward eligibility.


Every day, users posted photos of where they walked. Users also posted motivational memes, food photos, and plans to meet up for group fitness.


Sharp admins relied heavily on reporting to determine who was eligible for each tier of rewards, starting at 5,000 steps per day to 10,000 steps per day. MoveSpring’s reporting allowed the admins to easily see daily step averages by user.


The MoveSpring customer success team played a key role in helping Sharp create a program that met their rewards strategy and ensured an engaging user experience for their employees.

Sharp initially planned on running a year-long, continuous leaderboard challenge. However, the MoveSpring customer success team knew this would quickly demoralize the lower steppers who wouldn’t be able to keep up with the more active participants.

To ensure an engaging experience for all, the MoveSpring customer success team suggested creating a series of month-long challenges that included a streak challenge as well as a leaderboard. Since Sharp wanted to reward those who maintained a monthly step average of 5,000 steps/day+, this kept reporting and rewarding simple. The monthly individual leaderboard allowed for more aggressive competition, while also giving participants a chance for redemption when the leaderboards reset each month.

As a result, Sharp saw its highest program participation to date. Admins were able to save time on rewards administration and kept ongoing challenge planning simple with this monthly recurring challenge formula.

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