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Best Buy helped employees of all activity levels create healthier habits.


Best Buy decided to purchase MoveSpring after a group of their employees used and loved MoveSpring’s consumer app, Stridekick. Even though Best Buy was already paying for another challenge platform (Rally) through a larger benefits package, the company decided to use MoveSpring to bring their employees a more interactive, community-driven platform that also accommodates a variety of activity levels.

The group of employees at Best Buy was incredibly competitive and needed more challenge modes to cater to a variety of activity levels while also including an option for individual achievement challenges. They found some people with lower activity levels were becoming demoralized by being in the same challenges as 20k/day steppers. At the same time, those 20k/day steppers were getting bored with what they found to be easy challenges. Best Buy loved using MoveSpring because it is customizable, has a variety of challenge modes for all activity levels, and is very engaging for end users.

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"Because of these challenges [our employees are] making healthier habits. People love the way it's designed."

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Key features used

3-tiered streak challenges

Users were able to select a challenge goal that aligned with their activity level (7k, 11k, 16k/day). This simple customization enabled users to compete with other individuals in the same activity bracket, ensuring everyone was being pushed to step up and be competitive.

team leaderboard

Best Buy leveraged this team-based mode to unite and engage all three groups within the company: corporate employees, retail employees, and field agents (Geek Squad). Admins created teams that were named after the executives. Participants were able to join the team of their favorite boss/executive and work with their teammmates to make it to the top.


Admins kept users further engaged by posting challenge analysis reporting, weekly awards, callouts for people who were star activity performers, as well as the final challenge awards.


Best Buy heavily used the admin center’s reporting feature to provide additional team rankings based on team members’ streak completion in their secondary streak challenge. They also used this to determine the winners of weekly prize giveaways (most improved, weekly team MVP, etc.)


Best Buy saw a variety of healthy habits develop among employees. People of all activity levels made their daily step goal a priority.

Participants moved from their desk more throughout the day, opted for walking over driving, and stayed active during the winter months. These healthy habits paid off. Many reported significant weight loss, an increase in productivity and better sleep. Employees credited the fun nature of the challenge and support from teammates as the keys to their success.

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"The challenge got easier to do as time went on. I'm not always great at putting myself first and hitting a steps goal. This is encouraging and helped me hold myself accountable since other people could see."

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