Monitor Trends

Users can easily monitor the change in their activity by week, month, and year.

displaying activity averages screen

Activity averages

Encourage participants to beat last week’s daily activity average.

displaying most active days screen

Most active days

Participants can quickly see the days of the week they’re most active.

displaying most active month out of year screen

Seasonal trends

See seasonal trends in activity with a
month-over-month comparison.

steps leaderboard

Set a new personal record

Keep track of your top five most active days. Then, try to beat your personal record!

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Opportunity for year-round engagement and rewards

Use our detailed reporting to recognize and reward employees for maintaining their activity in between company-wide activity challenges.

Highlight consistency

Pull a weekly report highlighting those users who maintained a 10,000 steps/day

Celebrate new records

Recognize users who reached a new personal record this quarter.

See who’s improved

Call out the most improved steppers this month compared to last.

Get creative

Experiment with small, unannounced rewards. For example, there are 4,444 steps in a 2% latte. Surprise all users who moved at least 4,444 steps on a certain day with a latte or coffee gift card.

Recognize greatness

Run an unofficial leaderboard by recognizing the individual who had the most steps at the end of the week or month.

Make fitness fun at your organization

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