Bring the energy and excitement of an in-person race to your next corporate fitness challenge.

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Jul 30, 2021

We reimagined our beloved Journey mode to bring the best parts of an in-person race to the MoveSpring app. With our new Virtual Race experience, participants have more ways to win: cross the finish line first, or move the most miles by challenge end. Enhanced social interaction gives users a more detailed view into each other’s stats and activity.

view of virtual race milestones in movespring app

Our new Virtual Race challenge lets you experience the competition and fun of an in-person race, right in the MoveSpring app.

More ways to win

Race participants can win in two different ways: by crossing the finish line first, or by accumulating the most miles by challenge end. Creating more ways to win makes the competition more exciting and inclusive for all users.

  • Time to finish: Win by crossing the finish line first. Participants are scored by the total days it took them to reach the challenge goal. Multiple people can tie for first, second, and third place.
  • Move the most miles/km: Win by moving the most miles or kilometers by challenge end. The competition isn’t over when you cross the finish line. See how far you can go!

Celebrating and recognizing wins—big and small.

It’s a big deal when you achieve that coveted first place medal. You deserve to be recognized! Once scores are finalized, winning participants will see a gold, silver, or bronze medal next to their photo on the leaderboard. When top-placed participants check their scores in the app, personalized confetti and congratulations make the win feel extra special.

However, we know getting first place isn’t everything. Making it to the finish line is a big deal for everyone! We want users who reach the challenge goal to feel rewarded and recognized. Each finisher will see a green flag next to their photo on the leaderboard and a shower of confetti in the app 🎉.

Enhanced race standings

Get a more detailed preview of your race standings when scrolling through your challenge page. Check your place on the map and see those closest to you on the leaderboard. On your stats page, you’ll see a clear indicator of your race progress, rank, and daily pace.

view of virtual race leaderboard in movespring app

Keep the pace with other participants

The Virtual Race leaderboard now includes more details and interactive capabilities.

Profile overlays

Dig into each participant’s leaderboard stats by tapping on their name. An overlay will appear that shows that user’s daily stats, as well as an interactive chart summarizing their weekly trends. Track their progress and see if you can match their pace. If a participant is friends with that user, they’ll have easy access to a chat button to cheer them on!*

Note: exact information displayed dependent on user’s profile privacy settings and friend status.

See who reached milestones, and when

Users can now see how many people have reached each milestone and how long it took them to reach it (shown in days). Keeping tabs on your friends? Easily see which of your friends reached the milestone; they will be listed first.

Filter the leaderboard by Friends

It’s fun to see everyone’s stats, but sometimes you want to know the scores of those you know best. Now, users can filter the leaderboard for their friends.

Additional leaderboard detail: customizable location

We may not all be moving from the same place. Now, you can see a user’s location under their name on the leaderboard. Location is an optional and customizable field located in the user profile. While we prompt users to provide a general “location,” we often see users treat this field like a mini bio. Fill in a funny nickname, give a nod to your department or team, or keep it literal with a location. Way to go, BigStepper123 from Chi-town!

Explore a variety of racetracks or create your own!

With 20 racetrack map options and growing, you’ll never feel like you’re running in place.

  • Seasonal maps: Be in step with the seasons. Try our winter, spring, or summer racetracks. Keep an eye out for holiday themes, including Thanksgiving and Halloween, coming soon.
  • Travel the world: Explore Rome, Tokyo, and London. Host a tropical beach race. Or embark on a global adventure with our International Globetrot.
  • Participate in the Olympics: Go for the gold with our Summer Games racetrack that features videos from current and former Olympians.
  • Create your own racetrack! Option to fully customize your racetrack to reflect your unique race, organization or event. Contact us to learn more.

On your mark, get set…go virtual! Run a MoveSpring Virtual Race for your next run, walk, or corporate fitness challenge.

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