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The MoveSpring Guide to a Happy, Healthy Remote Workforce

Feb 10, 2021

Promote physical activity, boost culture, and educate your employees on key health actions while working remote. Download our guide here.

Decrease sedentary time with virtual activity challenges

Working from home often means extra sedentary time and less movement. Keep your employees active with friendly competition. Check out our new series of challenges designed with the remote workforce and COVID-19 confinement in mind. 

  • Challenge ideas for a variety of employee health goals: 
    • Goal #1: Promote consistency
    • Goal #2: Stay sharp & productive
    • Goal #3: Stay connected and inclusive
  • Bonus: we’ve provided a list of creative challenge and team names!

Check out our remote worker & COVID-friendly employee health challenges here.

Educate and inform with COVID-relevant content

Share a variety of health and wellness content in just a few clicks with our curated content collections. Or, upload your own articles, videos or posts.

  • How to stay healthy during COVID-19
  • Meal planning with pantry staples
  • At home exercise and entertainment ideas
  • Tips on remote working
  • Mental health & wellness while social distancing
  • Safe ways to support your community 

See our public content ideas here. If you’re a current client, navigate to our content library and filter for our new COVID-19 topic to access our 70+ additions on the subject.

Bring the company together, no matter where they are

Give your employees a reason to connect on something other than work. Activity challenges bring employees together across teams, departments and locations. Social connection is key to maintaining mental health and company morale.

Promote key health actions with timely announcements

Send customizable announcements to your employees. Include a call-to-action that links directly to another website or portal.

  • Updates on company events or policy changes
  • Tips on the latest public health protections
  • Reminders to enroll or participate in health benefits

Be healthy together, no matter where you are.

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