Step challenge idea: We're going to the zoo!

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Jun 28, 2019

Pets can help decrease stress and inspire more physical activity.

Nearly 70% of American households own a pet, and for good reasons! Studies have shown that pets provide their owners with health benefits like decreased blood pressure, decreased cholesterol levels and increased opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities. Want to improve the morale and productivity in the workplace? Have employees bring pets to work. Pets provide a happier, more comfortable work environment, which can lead to better communication, more trust and improved morale.*

No pet? No problem. Learn about the thousands of other animals living in a zoo near you.

No pet? No problem. With over 10,000 zoos in the world, you can still experience the uplifting effects of interacting with animals* For example, The Bronx Zoo in New York is the world's largest urban zoo. It is home to over 650 species of 4,000 different animals from around the world! In this Streak challenge, users will make it their goal to take 4,000 steps each day over the course of 2 weeks. Customize this challenge by changing the daily step goal inspired by a fun fact about a zoo closest to you!

Challenge Details

Challenge Mode: Streak

Duration: 14 days

Goal: 4,000 steps per day

Content Strategy

Leverage our content feature to share factoids about the world's most interesting animals. Check out some of our suggested content below.

Note: Be sure to include a content module in your challenge, then upload and schedule the above articles and videos.

Rewards Strategy

We suggest rewarding participants based on points. Award one point to each person who joins the group and three points every time a participant completes their daily streak goal. At the end of the challenge, draw names to pick winners! A user's total challenge points determines how many entries they earn in the raffle. A points-based system rewards a variety of active participants, not just the top steppers. Try rewarding the winners of this challenge with some animal and pet themed prizes.

Prize Ideas

  • Tickets to the local zoo
  • Tickets to special events at the zoo
  • Tickets to aquarium
  • Tickets to a natural history museum
  • A year's worth of pet food
  • Gift card to a dog walking service
  • Pet lovers basket including pet treats, a dog or cat bed, pet shampoo, brushing chews, toys, and leash.


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