Step Challenge Idea: Longest Walk of the Year

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Sep 30, 2020

Take advantage of the long days and warm weather with this creative summer step challenge idea.

In this one-day challenge, each participant tries to take their longest walk of the year by beating their personal record for most steps in one day. Participants can track their personal activity records in their MoveSpring app profile. In addition to this individual goal, each participant will also be contributing to one, larger Group Target step goal. If you're not sure what to set this goal at, check out our guide to setting group challenge goals.

Use the MoveSpring app to determine your personal best for most steps in one day.

Before the challenge begins, ask users to refer to their own personal activity records, found in their MoveSpring profile. Their personal record for most steps in one day will determine the number they are trying to surpass for the challenge.

This challenge works well for groups of varying activity levels, as the goal is tailored to each participant's personal activity history.

view of activity insights from the movespring mobile app


Challenge Name: Longest Walk of the Year

Challenge Mode: Group Target

Duration: 1 day

Goal: Beat your personal step record & reach the Group Target goal

Content Strategy

Encourage your group to stay safe as they enjoy their fun in the sun with a content module about sun safety and staying hydrated in the summer heat. You can include your own custom content or select from one of our curated Content Collections in the Admin Center.

To keep challenge set up simple, we suggest pulling from our Content Collection, "Tips for Staying Healthy in Summer," which includes the following content pieces and more:

Note: Be sure to include a content module in your challenge, then upload and schedule any desired content.

Chat Strategy

In the days before your challenge, ask participants to share their personal step goal in the challenge chat. Then, ask them to share on the day of your challenge if they reach their goal. When a participant announces they reached their goal, be sure to celebrate their achievement by with a fun reaction or by sending your congratulations.

We also suggest sharing updates on the Group Target progress throughout the day to remind participants of how close your group is to reaching the larger goal!

Rewards Strategy

Prize ideas for this challenge can include anything that will help your participants make the most of their summer. Follow our rewards strategy doc for a step-by-step points plan that gives every participant a chance to be rewarded for their hard work. Then, run a lottery to pick a winner. Total points will determine a person's total lottery entries.

Prize Ideas

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