Step Challenge Idea: Eat Your Veggies

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Sep 30, 2020

Encourage your group to eat their greens with this veggie-themed challenge!

Have some fun and inspire your group to eat more veggies with our Eat Your Veggies challenge. To compete, participants can join a veggie-themed team, such as Dashing Radishes, Speedy Spinach, or Moving Mushrooms (see our team name ideas below!). Teams will compete against one another to earn the #1 spot and be crowned the veggie champ.

In addition to the team challenge component, we suggest posting daily, veggie-filled recipes to encourage participants to eat their daily dose of vegetables. In the chat, participants can comment on whether they tried the recipes and also share their own favorite healthy meal ideas.

challenge details

Challenge Mode: Team Leaderboard

Duration: 7 days

Goal: Team with the highest daily step average wins

Team Name Ideas:

  • Sprinting Spuds
  • Charging Carrots
  • Galloping Eggplant
  • Rushing Rhubarb
  • Bounding Broccoli
  • Active Asparagus
  • Speedy Spinach
  • Awesome Artichokes
  • Coasting Cauliflower
  • Dashing Radishes
  • Moving Mushrooms
  • Bolting Beetroot
  • Creative Cucumbers
  • Over the Top Onions

Content Strategy

Post a variety of recipes that inspire challenge participants to eat their veggies in new and exciting ways. Here are some fun recipes we recommend to get you started:

Note: Be sure to include a content module in your challenge, then upload and schedule the above articles and videos.

Chat Strategy

To bring out your group's competitive side, post daily updates in chat highlighting the top 3 teams to see if anyone can knock them out of their top spot.

In addition to team updates, encourage participants to try out the recipes from your content and post pictures of their creations throughout the week in chat. You can also ask participants to share other creative ways they like to get their veggies in and include their favorite recipe ideas for others to try out.

Rewards Strategy

You can reward the top team with the highest daily step average for their efforts with a group prize or smaller individual prizes for each team member, but for increased engagement, we suggest implementing a points-based raffle for prizes.

All participants on the winning team get 5 entries each in the raffle, and participants in second and third place receive 2 entries each. Reward 1 additional entry for each photo or recipe shared in chat so that everyone has a chance to win regardless of their activity level.

To download all of the messages and photos shared in your chat, pull a Challenge Chat report from the MoveSpring Admin Center. You can use this guide to learn how to pull a report.

Prize Ideas

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