Beyond steps: Track other activities with Actionable Content

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Oct 28, 2020

Promote and track a variety of health actions through our latest feature, Actionable Content.

Clients often ask us, “How can I track more than just physical activity?”

After all, health is so much more than just steps, distance, and active minutes moved. The foods you eat, the way you manage stress, and how much sleep you get every night all have a big impact on your health. However, it can be hard to track and reward these behaviors.

Our newest engagement tool, Actionable Content, is designed to help our clients promote and track these critical health actions.

With Actionable Content, you can post an action, behavior, or video you want your participants to complete. Once achieved, your employees can mark this action as complete in the app. Track who completed each task and which prompt drove the most actions.

completing actionable content in the movespring app

Encourage more than just physical activity. Track and reward health actions you specify, such as a completing a guided meditation or getting a flu shot.

Create a holistic health program by adding Actionable Content to any activity challenge. Actionable Content enables you to post an action, article, or video that your employees can mark as complete.* Actionable Content is managed the same way as standard content uploads, keeping the process simple and turnkey for the program administrator.

How it works

  1. When creating your challenge, include the content option.
  2. When selecting the content feature, toggle “Actionable Content” to be on.
  3. Upload content as you would normally, scheduling posts, articles, or videos throughout the duration of your challenge. In the app, each piece of content will include a button for participants to mark as complete.
  4. Once the challenge is over, pull a report to see which actions each participant completed. Also, learn which content was effective in driving the most actions.

*Participants self-report the action as complete. We are unable to verify the validity of self-reported actions.

creating actionable content from the movespring admin center

Participants can easily track their completed tasks and catch up on past prompts.

As with all content, participants are notified by a push notification when a new post is available in the app.* Participants can tap the notification, view the content, then mark the action or task as complete.

Participants can see the most recent posts right from their challenge page. Tapping to view all content allows users to see which content they completed and which actions they have not yet done. They are also able to keep an eye on their completion score, shown at the top of the page.

With each post, users can view all the participants that have marked the action as complete. Seeing others complete the task provides social motivation, making it more likely that the participant will take the action themselves. Don’t forget: encourage your employees to leave comments on the post to describe how it went, or what they thought.

*Users must enable push notifications to receive this alert.

screenshots of actionable content in the movespring app

Use Actionable Content to build up a specific skill or habit over the course of a challenge. Or, encourage your participants to complete a wide variety of basic health actions.

Help your participants build a new habit or skill

Guide your participants from beginner to pro with a new daily task that builds upon each previous post. Do you want to promote daily meditation at your organization? Try a gradual approach using Actionable Content:

  • An article introducing and explaining mindfulness
  • An article on the benefits of meditation
  • A 1-minute guided meditation video
  • A 5-minute guided meditation video
  • An 8-minute guided meditation video
  • A 10-minute guided meditation video
  • A self-guided nighttime stress relief meditation

Pro tip: Begin by introducing the topic, educating users on the benefits, and then prompt them to try it out with small, simple tasks. Gradually build up to larger or more difficult actions. By challenge end, your participants will have gained a new skill and healthy habit.

Focus on variety: Post a new, mini health challenge each day of your program.

Keep your participants engaged with a new, simple health task to accomplish each day of the challenge. This approach allows you to promote a wide variety of health behaviors, such as:

  • Getting a flu shot
  • Going for a 15 minute walk after lunch
  • Calling a loved one to catch up
  • Going to sleep 10 minutes earlier than the night before
  • Incorporating at least 3 different vegetables in your diet today
  • Drinking 8 glasses of water in one day
  • Skipping coffee or caffeine for one day

Pro tip: Does your company have a fall wellness checklist? Ensure your employees complete every requirement on that list by uploading a new item each day of the challenge. By challenge end, your employees should have completed the entire wellness checklist!

overlay of actionable content views in the movespring app

Automate your program with our Content Collections

Not sure what to post? Use MoveSpring Content Collections to take the guesswork out of your program strategy. Content Collections include 10-20 curated articles, videos and posts around a variety of health topics, such as Mindfulness, Stress management, Meal Planning and more. Pick and choose specific pieces to upload, or evenly distribute an entire collection throughout the course of a challenge in just a few clicks.

A healthier organization—in a single swipe.

Try out our new Actionable Content feature today. Available to all one-time and subscription clients.

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