Empower your participants and save time with user-created challenges!

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Aug 19, 2019

We’re always thinking of new ways to save our admins time and increase engagement among users. These priorities inspired our latest feature: user-created challenges.

Building on our last major release, friends, users can now do even more with their wellness besties. MoveSpring users now have the ability to create their own activity challenges in our mobile app.

Users can choose from Streak, Target, or Leaderboard challenge modes. User-created challenges can last up to 7 days and include up to 10 participants. Challenge creators send invites to friends, who must accept or decline the challenge invitation.

Save time on programing by letting your users run their own friendly competitions.

Creating a full calendar of challenges can be a lot of work. Allow your users to do some of the heavy lifting for you. In addition to your regular schedule of organization-wide challenges, users can now run shorter, basic challenges with those they know best.

The shorter duration of user-created challenges combined with the more intimate mix of participants creates a new level of competition that heightens motivation for consistent activity.

User-created challenges allow participants to gain a sense of ownership over their wellness experience and encourages them to become internal champions of your health and fitness program. Challenge creators will bolster participation among their closest colleagues and boost overall engagement across your organization. Think about it as grassroots wellness.

View of movespring dashboard from the web and mobile app

Differentiating user challenges from admin challenges.

Admin challenges will always have priority in the end user app experience. Your admin challenges will appear above any user-created challenges within the dashboard’s Challenges section.

Admin challenges naturally have a higher level of sophistication as there is typically a reward strategy, participation across the the entire organization, and heavy communication or education involved.

That’s why we reserved the more advanced and group-focused challenge modes for admins only. Users are limited to basic, individual challenge modes including Streak, Target, and Leaderboard. Additionally, user-created challenges include only one module: their selected challenge mode. They do not have the option of content, quote, secondary challenge modes, etc.

list of benefits from user created challenges

Start your grassroots wellness program today.

As an admin, you have the option to turn on this new feature. As users can only send challenge invites to those they are friends with, you must have friends enabled on your account in order to activate user-created challenges. Easily adjust both of these app settings by navigating to your organization's account settings in the Admin Center.

Unsure if this is a good idea for your particular group of participants? Read our help article to learn more on how user-created challenges can benefit organizations of all sizes.

Who knows, maybe your next successful challenge idea will come from users themselves!

steps to create a user created challenge from the mobile app

Note: users can only create challenges on mobile. Challenge creation is not available on web. However, users can respond to challenge invites on both mobile and web.

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