Health & Fitness Challenges for your Remote Workforce

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Mar 30, 2020

Try out these challenges to keep your employees happy, healthy and connected.

In these challenges, content is key! Educate and inform your employees on remote working best practices, staying active, and meal prepping with pantry staples. View our content library, sub-topic: COVID-19, for some inspiration on what content to share in your challenge. Below, we’ve outlined challenge ideas separated out by a variety of employee health goals.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to add in the Workout module for daily, 5-minute workouts that participants can do right from their living room.

Employee Health Goal #1: Promote consistency

Challenge name: Brighten your mood with gratitude!

Challenge your users to hit or surpass the same activity goal each day of the challenge using our Streak mode. We suggest lowering this goal due to the current confinements your employees might be experiencing. Consider running two consecutive challenges where the daily goal increases week-to-week. Use content and chat to remind employees to focus on the good things in life, even in the face of daily disruption.

Challenge Mode: Streak

Duration: 14–21 days

Goal: Between 4,000–7,000 steps per day


Challenge name: Let’s stick together–yeah, yeah, yeah!

Select a daily activity goal and the total number of days you want each employee to reach this goal. Miss a day? No big deal! Encourage employees to earn a few achievements a week. As they aren't required to meet the goal every single day, we recommend setting the your activity goal a little higher. Share tips on how to maintain social connection during COVID-19 to ensure your employees are thriving mentally and physically.

Challenge Mode: Stick to It!

Duration: 14 days

Goal: 7,000 steps/day for at least 10 days of the two week challenge


view of streak module from the movespring mobile app

Employee Health Goal #2: Stay sharp and productive

Challenge name: Hibernation Health Nuts

Boost camaraderie and competition with a team leaderboard challenge. Each team will compete for the highest daily activity average. Create teams based on common quarantine activities and have users pick the activity that resonates with them most. You can also create teams by geographic region, office, or department. Better yet, let your employees get creative and form their own teams!

Encourage employees to use the group chat to share their favorite ways of passing the time during social isolation. What are their favorite movie and book recommendations? What about their best at-home workouts?

Challenge Mode: Team Leaderboard

Duration: 21 days

Goal: Be the team with the highest step or active minutes average

Team names: Netflix and Chill, Book Clubbers, Movie Buffs, Lego Masters, Yogi Bears, Personal Chefs, Master Crafters, Masked Steppers, Sanitary Steppers, Pandemic Pros, Vivacious not Infectious, Wiping Away Competition, Can't Contain These Steps, Going the Social Distance, Corona Crushers, Quarantine Quilters, Confined Cardio Queens…


Challenge name: Digital Nomads: Work around the globe!

Virtually travel the world with our International Globe Trot journey. Inspire competition and self-motivation as employees race to cross the finish line. Participants will unlock fun milestones and surprises along the way. Encourage your employees to snap a pic of their makeshift home office and share their best tips for staying productive while working remote.

Challenge Mode: Journey

Duration: 28 days

Goal: 56 miles


person chatting in movespring challenge chat

Employee Health Goal #3: Stay connected and inclusive

Challenge name: Stepping through Coronavirus

We’re all in this together. Connect virtually as you move together through a typical day during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn about social distancing, cooking with pantry items, exercising from home and how to thrive while working remote.

Challenge Mode: Journey

Duration: 14 days

Goal: 36 miles

Content: We include lots of content in the milestones including The art of social distancing, How to support your community, Working out from home, Cooking during the coronavirus, How to avoid cabin fever and Tips for remote working.

challenges tab in movespring mobile app

Challenge name: Step to support our hospital workers (example)

We have a social responsibility to uplift and support our community worldwide. Work together towards a large, collective steps goal. If your step goal is met, donate as an organization to a charity in need.

Challenge Mode: Group Target Fundraiser

Duration: 21 days

Goal: = 5,000 steps per day x 21 days x Estimated user count

Possible charities: The Red Cross, Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, and/or any local charity in need!


Challenge name: Seas the day!

When you close your eyes and breathe deep, you can almost hear the waves crashing and the smell of the ocean on our Tropical beach journey. Travel as a group to unlock milestones with fun storylines.

Challenge Mode: Group Journey

Duration: 14 days

Goal: = 2 miles per day x 14 days x Estimated user count


view of virtual race and milestones in the movespring mobile app

A few more COVID-19 step challenge names:

  • We’re all in this together!
  • United We Step
  • Walking on Sunshine & Sanitizer
  • Between a walk and a hard pace
  • Stepping from a Distance
  • Happy & Healthy Together
  • Keepin' it together, from afar
  • Stepping for a better tomorrow
  • Can't catch us!
  • Social Distancing, Stepping Together

These are just a few ideas to get you started! We’d love to hear what challenges you’re putting together for your virtual team. Send us a note through our support channel or tag us on social.

Stay healthy & happy stepping!

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