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Mar 20, 2019

Introducing our most exciting challenge mode: Journey! Travel through a fun, illustrated map to uncover milestones and surprises along the way.

Our most engaging challenge mode yet, Journey will delight your users with a trip through a colorful, illustrated world. Users can compete individually to complete the race, or work collaboratively to conquer the journey with one, combined score.

Each journey is either based on an overarching map theme, or a series of connected scenes for your users to move through. As they move in real life, they will be progressing through the digital map towards the finish line. Users can track themselves and others on the path.

journey module from the movespring app

Engage with milestone stories and leaderboards

As users progress, they will unlock milestones at certain points along the map. Each milestone includes an imaginative story and illustrated graphic. Outside of just scores and data, the milestones add a narrative to the journey, creating a story that all users can engage with and look forward to.

In addition to the map, a leaderboard displays every participant’s score, rank, and the total number of milestones they’ve unlocked. Users can easily keep track of how many people finished the race and how they compare to others in the group.

racetrack and milestones from the movespring app

Going beyond a traditional map

Why aren’t we using a traditional geographic map? It turns out, tracking a pin that slowly moves across a literal map is pretty boring.

The first generation of Journey mode in our consumer app, Stridekick, used real maps with a path drawn on top. While this allowed for geographic accuracy, it lacked fun, excitement, and insight into the area you’d be theoretically be walking through. Many people wanted to imagine the landscape they were trekking across and envision the sights they would actually see if they were there on foot.

Taking this into consideration, we created illustrations based on real life landscapes as well as from our own imaginations. Playing further on our penchant for fun and engagement, we invested a lot of detail in quirky illustrations that are more surprising and exciting than traditional photos or maps. Weaving these illustrations into the map, our milestones highlight these graphics while telling a creative and imaginative story. Additionally, non-literal maps allow us to create journeys for uncharted territory such as space, historical time periods and fictitious worlds.

An ever growing list of map themes

We are rapidly growing our set of Journey map themes. Below, you will find our starting set of adventures. Interested in creating your own? We’re working on a tool so you can do just that! In the meantime, you can reach out to our client support team about developing a custom journey for your group.

  • Cross-Country Adventure: Travel across the country from one city to another. You'll experience a variety of terrains including lakes, forests, deserts, farms and mountains!
  • International Globe**t*rot: Travel across the world to experience an exciting array of food, animals, culture and more! You will journey through South and Central America, The United States, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
  • Tropical Beach Getaway: Escape to a tropical paradise and uncover the variety of life both above and below the water.

Note: This challenge mode is only available to our Pro and Ultimate clients.

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