Customize your next Virtual Race challenge

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Oct 14, 2021

Building on our latest Virtual Race updates, we are excited to announce the ability for all clients to fully customize a Virtual Race challenge right from the MoveSpring Admin Center.

Clients of all plan types can customize their map, milestones, and more in our new Racetrack Creator.

Previously, we offered clients the option to customize their map and milestones for a fee. Over the past few years, the enthusiasm and demand for customized virtual races has quickly grown. We find that clients who customize their Virtual Race often have higher participation, engagement, and overall satisfaction with their challenge experience. We wanted to bring this opportunity to every client, without the extra cost.

Now, every client has the ability to customize the map, milestones, and more in our Virtual Race mode—at no additional cost.

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How it works

We built our Racetrack Creator tool to be flexible. Keep it simple by customizing milestones for our existing maps. Or, upload your own map, with the option to include milestones.

Access the tool from the Challenges section of the Admin Center

Then, click on the “Custom racetracks” tab at the top of the page.

1. Navigate to creator.gif

Use a MoveSpring map and customize your milestones.

Select from our entire library of existing virtual race maps. Then, upload your own milestone content.

3. Create milestone.gif

Or, upload your own custom map for a fully branded challenge experience.

Upload a series of photos or graphics to create a custom map. Then, select the path that participants will move along. You have the option to include milestones.

5. Select path.gif

Then, create a Virtual Race challenge and select your new racetrack!

Choose an individual or group race.

6. Create challenge.gif

Tap into your creative side and build a personalized challenge experience

Try some of these fun ideas to customize your next Virtual Race challenge.

Feature celebrity shoutouts on Cameo

Check out Cameo to feature inspiring or silly shout-outs from your employees’ favorite celebrities and athletes. Use these videos in your milestones to make the challenge extra special.

Share motivational messages from leadership

Have your top leadership record a quick, motivational video message right from their phone, then add the videos to your milestones.

Inspire with videos from around the web

Pick a theme for your map, then find educational or entertaining videos on YouTube that go deeper on specific aspects of your theme. For example, our Climb to the Top racetrack takes participants up a mountain while exploring the theme of overcoming challenges. While the users move in real life, they progress up the mountain and unlock milestones about grit, setting goals, and taking risks.

Reward and recognize employees

Use milestones to reward and celebrate your employees. Reward employees with things like additional PTO days or a free UberEats lunch. Try recognizing or highlighting random employees in the milestones to celebrate top performers, birthdays, or to get to know new employees.

Get in the seasonal spirit

Get in the seasonal spirit by creating racetracks for upcoming seasons or holidays. Customize the milestones in our spring, summer, fall, winter, or holiday maps. Upload your own map for an event that is specific to your organization.

Take a global office tour

Bring your remote workforce together with a custom racetrack that travels to all your offices across the country or world. Each milestone can feature a video or fun fact about a different office.

Use free stock photos for a fast custom map

Download a series of photos from Unsplash or Pexels to quickly create a high-quality custom map.

Boost challenge participation and engagement with a custom Virtual Race experience.

Click here to create your first custom racetrack. Be sure to check out our how-to videos and help articles for helpful tips and best practices.

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