MoveSpring - Events
Step up event engagement with a conference-wide activity challenge.

Drive engagement

Host a conference-wide step challenge as an engaging activation for everyone at your event. Work with our success team to determine the right challenge type and activation strategy for your audience and event goal.

Everyone can participate

We connect with nearly all major wearables devices.
 No wearable? Track steps with a smartphone.

Sign up in 60 seconds

Create an account, connect a device, and join the challenge in less than a minute.

Easy to use

Our best in-class user experience ensures attendees not only use the app throughout the conference, but that they also have fun participating!

Create buzz

Build awareness for your booth, brand, or larger event goal. Nothing spurs
 buzz like a highly visible competition, especially if prizes are involved!

Reward participants with swag and prizes

Our reporting features and incentives strategies allow you to easily identify and reward winners for engagement, activity, challenge performance, and more!

In-app social engagement

Every challenge has a group chat room that fosters interaction between participants and provides a platform for you to post announcements, updates and promos.

Generate pre-conference excitement

Build hype for your conference before it even starts. Post content, send chat updates, and reward early sign-ups.

Increase booth visits

Communicate with users in a variety of ways to encourage booth visits, build brand awareness, help navigate the conference, or attend specific sessions.

Highlight your brand and booth
 through content

Users who have notifications turned on will receive a push notification from our app notifying them of new content you uploaded. Upload articles, videos, links,
 and posts.

Communicate via in-app chat

Message all challenge participants in the group chat to post announcements, updates, and promos happening at your booth or event. Users will receive a push notification from our app when you message the group.

Increase sponsorship revenue

Create new sponsorship opportunities using the MoveSpring app.

In-app sponsors

Use our sponsor module to showcase a brand or company next to your challenge stats in the app. Display a logo, brief description, and link out to a website.

Branded content

Display a logo alongside the content you post in app.
 Content can be posts, videos, or links out to other websites.

High visibility live pages

Highlight sponsor logos and messaging on a custom Live Page that displays live challenge stats on TVs around your event.

Showcase your challenge, display announcements, and highlight sponsors on TVs around the event.

Customize a Live Page to increase visibility of your challenge by displaying live challenge stats that update in real time.

Activity Data

Showcase buzz worthy graphics including challenge stats, the number of steps to walk off our favorite foods, the total steps conference attendees have taken, and today's top stepper.