Step Challenge Idea: Picture Perfect Nature Walk

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Sep 30, 2020

Engage your users' creative side with a photo-themed step challenge.

Your team will surely have a blast with our Picture Perfect Nature Walk. In this Journey challenge, each participant will travel 40 miles through lakes, mountains, deserts, and city scapes. Throughout the 14-day Journey, ask your participants to take photos from their walks and share them in the challenge chat.

We suggest giving participants a prompt in the challenge chat so that users have some guidance on what photos to share. You can also hold a contest for best shots under different categories, such as best nature shot, best picture of a furry friend, and most creative photo.


Challenge Mode: Individual Journey (Cross Country Adventure map)

Duration: 14 days

Goal: Complete the journey of 40 miles

Content Strategy

We recommend including content that inspires challenge participants to get in touch with nature and think outside the box as they share their photos. Post 1-2 articles per week on the "most-photographed" spots across the USA to capture your group's imagination!

Here are some great articles to consider:

Note: Be sure to include a content module in your challenge, then upload and schedule the above articles and videos.

Chat Strategy

We recommend coming up with photo prompts before your challenge begins. You can share each week's prompts at the beginning of the week in the challenge chat to kick things off. It is also helpful to set up a second content module that lists each week's prompts for users to quickly reference throughout the week.

Here is a suggested photo prompt schedule that you can work from:

Week 1

  • Landscape Shot
  • Black & White Shot
  • Blurry Shot
  • Wildlife Shot
  • “Golden-hour” Shot

Week 2

  • Art Inspired Shot
  • Macro Shot
  • Sunrise/Sunset Shot
  • Architectural Shot
  • Motion Shot

Bonus Ideas

  • Reflection Shot
  • Pet(s) Shot
  • Monochromatic Shot
  • Silhouette Shot

In addition to sharing these prompts in chat, you can also add encouraging messages, vote on "best shots" using emoji reactions, and share photography tips to keep things engaging.

Rewards Strategy

A point system can be a great way to reward your users for their engagement in your challenge. Participants with the most points will be eligible for prizes of your choosing.

For this challenge, you can award 10 points for any participant who completes the Journey goal of 40 miles and 1 point for each photo posted in the chat.

If you decide to include a competition for "best shots," you can grant winning participants an extra point for each category won.

To download all of the pictures shared in your chat, pull a Challenge Chat report from the MoveSpring Admin Center. You can use this guide to learn how to pull a report.

Prize Ideas

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