Step Challenge Idea: Holiday Theme

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Nov 22, 2019

The holidays can be a wonderful time of year. However, the holidays also bring lots of extra responsibilities, expenses and stress.

There’s more pressure than ever to have the “perfect holiday.” Buy the perfect gift, attend back-to-back holiday parties, and host a joyous occasion for a family that doesn’t always get along. It’s no wonder that most people report feeling stressed during the holidays. Unfortunately, this stress can greatly impact a person's health–and even their performance at work.

Oftentimes, to deal with stress, people will resort to bad habits. Most commonly, these bad habits include eating unhealthy snacks and breaking a regular exercise routine. Additionally, people are likely to overspend on gifts, creating a looming financial stress.

This adds up and affects life at work and at home. At the office, this means lower productivity, low morale, and, on average, missing over 2 days of work.* At home, this could lead to depression and anxiety.

Help make the holidays the joyful time it should be. Check out our ideas for a fun, festive challenge that will help keep your employees healthy, zen and on-budget this holiday season.

Challenge Details

Challenge Mode: Team Leaderboard & Streak

Duration: 25 days

Goal: Be the team with the highest daily step average & achieve 20 active minutes per day

Creative Team Names:

Create and name the teams in your team leaderboard challenge. Try out these fun, festive ideas:

  • Runnin' for Rudolph
  • Santa’s Sprinters
  • Tinsel Toes
  • The Silent Knights
  • The Blizzards
  • Santa's Little Runners
  • Dashers, Dancers, & Prancers
  • Run Run Rudolph
  • Winter RUNderland
  • Fab-YULE-us
  • Snow Ballers
  • Team Polar Express
  • The Stocking Stuffers
  • Grandma Got Run over by some Runners
  • Happy Feet
  • Jingle Ballers
  • Grinch Gang
  • Jingle Joggers
  • Elf’s On a Mission
  • Fast, Furious & Festive
  • Hanukkah Matata
  • Give Us Your Best Shabbat
  • Hallel, It’s Me
  • Chabad to the Bone
  • Light it Up
  • YOLO Yamacas
  • Menorah Menches
  • Maccabeats
  • Synagogue Swag
  • Lucky Latkes
  • Flava Flavs Falafels
  • Kuumba Klique
  • Karenga Krew
  • Kujichagulia 7 Times Fast

Wondering how we got so punny? Check out this blog post on creative challenge naming.

Content Strategy

Upload your own content to highlight ways to stay healthy, de-stress and budget for the holidays.

Note: Be sure to include a content module in your challenge, then upload and schedule the above articles and videos.

Rewards Strategy

Keep with the seasonal theme in these prize ideas. Follow our rewards strategy doc for a step-by-step points plan that gives every participant a chance to be rewarded for their hard work.

Prize Ideas

May you have a stress-free and happy holiday!


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