Step Challenge Idea: Better Than Before

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Sep 30, 2020

Increase motivation—and avoid burnout—by focusing on gradual progress with our Better Than Before challenge series.

At MoveSpring, we believe that fitness should be fun for everyone! That's why we work hard to offer activity challenges that all participants can enjoy, regardless of their baseline fitness level.

With our Better Than Before challenge series, you can encourage all participants to focus on individual improvement over time by running a series of four week-long challenges where the goal increases each week.

By setting small goals up front and increasing those goals incrementally over time, your participants will build up confidence early on and want to keep their Streaks alive in subsequent weeks.

Accommodate a wide range of fitness levels

To accommodate a wider range of fitness levels, you can add an optional tiered component to this series by allowing users to choose between 2 tiered challenge levels with different starting goals. Users can chose the starting goal that best fits their current fitness level.


Challenge Name: Better Than Before

Challenge Mode: Streak

Duration: 4 weeks


Week 1: 4,000 steps/day

Week 2: 5,000 steps/day

Week 3: 6,000 steps/day

Week 4: 7,500 steps/day

Note: If you chose to include a second tiered series, we suggest starting Week 1 at 7,500 steps/day. Then, increase week-by-week until you reach 12,000 steps/day for the final week.

Content Strategy

Stay on theme and include a content module in each of your challenges to encourage healthy habits. Each week, select 3–5 articles or videos to share to keep your group motivated. You can share your own custom content or select from pieces from our Content Library and Collections to cut down on set up time.

If you're looking for content to include, we suggest checking out our "Healthy Habits & Productivity" Content Collection in the Admin Center, which includes the following content pieces and more:

Note: Be sure to include a content module in your challenge, then upload and schedule any desired content.

Chat Strategy

At the beginning of a new week, use the challenge chat to celebrate users who've met or exceeded their Streak goal from the previous week. You can also encourage users to share how they've been getting their steps in and how they plan to increase their step counts for the upcoming weeks. Or, ask participants to share their favorite healthy habits.

Rewards Strategy

We recommend structuring prizes based on our rewards strategy doc to give every participant a chance to be rewarded for their hard work.

For our Better Than Before series, you could award 1 point for each day that a participant reaches their Streak goal. If they meet all their goals in the 7 day challenge, you can award 3 additional bonus points for a maximum of 10 possible points per week.

Run a lottery to determine a winner. Total points will determine each person's total lottery entries.

Prize Ideas

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