June Admin Update
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June Admin Update

Christina Devoney
Jun 18, 2019

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In this month's update: customize your content label, a curious challenge idea and tips for team mode.

Feature Highlight


When you add content to your challenge, you now have the option to edit the label for this feature. Edit the default "content" label to clarify a more specific purpose, such as "Announcements" or "Events." This allows you to add multiple content modules to the same challenge and identify them for different purposes. Use one content module for "Prize Announcements" and the other one for "Nutrition 101." The label will appear at the top of the module in the end user's challenge group.



We often hear about curiosity killing the cat. But for humans, curiosity can have a positive impact on our social, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. Experiencing new and novel things releases dopamine in our brain, otherwise known as the "feel good chemical." Studies have shown that curious people tend to be happier, experience lower levels of anxiety, and report higher satisfaction with life. But wait, there's more: curiosity can also increase a person's performance and achievement at work.

  • For this challenge concept, we suggest a Journey mode and the Cross-Country Adventure theme. There's nothing quite like a road trip into the unknown to rev up curiosity. 
  • Our suggested content strategy offers 15 pieces of curated articles and videos on the importance of curiosity and creativity. We include info on the benefits of being curious, how to practice being curious and creative, as well as inspiring stories of highly curious people. 
  • Reward users with one of our many themed prize ideas, such as Tickets to a Tedx talk! 

Interested? Get the full challenge details, content and reward ideas here.



  • Enforce a team minimum: Typically teams have an uneven amount of participants. Team mode is run as a leaderboard, meaning scores are based on the daily activity average of each team member. By using average instead of total step count, smaller teams no longer have a disadvantage. If you enforce a minimum number of users on each team, you will further even out the playing field by ensuring that the team score doesn't reflect the activity of just one person -- an unfair advantage.
  • Create a general participant team: Not all users may have a team to join, but they will still want to participate and see stats. We suggest having one, or a few, general participant teams that users can join in case they didn't plan ahead with other colleagues. Only applies to team challenges with the user-created team option turned on.
  • Communicate early and often: Allow 1-2 weeks for onboarding when including a team leaderboard module. The more lead time users have between initial communication and challenge start, the better! This allows time for users to create or join teams and communicate to others to get their team. Once the challenge starts, utilize the content module to remind users to sync and educate them on how scoring works in the team leaderboard mode.  

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Check out this article, which dives into the idea of "micro breaks" and how brief breaks throughout the day can provide renewed motivation and improve productivity in the office. Pre-planning your day with scheduled breaks can leave you feeling energized and refreshed. 

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